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The perfect target spots for rhinoplasty

The perfect target spots for rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as nose job, is a surgery done to change the appearance of the nose in the following ways,

  • Change in angle
  • change in size and proportion
  • straightening of the bridge
  • narrowing the nostrils and
  • reshaping the tip of the nose

Apart from cosmetic reasons, it is also done to treat various medical conditions like breathing problems, disfiguring of nose shape due to some physical trauma or birth defects.
Our nose is made up of bone, cartilage and skin and one can opt to treat all three or any one. But, to decide on what is to be corrected, one needs to consult a surgeon and discuss his/her problem to get a clear picture of if the rhinoplasty is required at all. In case your skin and facial features are all appropriate for you to go through this surgery, your surgeon will then make a customized plan for you.
Rhinoplasty, as a task is not as easy as it sounds because nose is one of the trickiest features of your face due to its 3-d shape and position. Though extremely minute changes are made during rhinoplasty but those differences can have a huge impact on a person’s overall facial appeal. So, the margin and scope of error is not much and only a perfect and best rhinoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad can achieve it.
Preparations before Rhinoplasty
Just like all the surgeries, one must make a scheduled appointment with the surgeon prior to the surgery and discuss all the important factors about the surgery as well as your concerns regarding the same. Such prior meetings generally includes,

1.Physical examination of the patient

This is a general physical examination in which your doctor will test your skin type and inside and outside of your nose to see what all can be achieved. Such physical examination helps your doctor to understand the affects that rhinoplasty will have on your appearance and breathing. He may also ask some of his patients to go through blood tests if required.
2.Patient’s medical history

By knowing your medical history, your doctor is aiming at understanding your hopes and requirements associated with the surgery. He may ask you about your previous medication report and cases of nasal obstruction or previous surgeries if any.
If your doctor realizes that you suffer from Hemophilia, bleeding disorder, than he might not consider you as an ideal person for the surgery.

The hospital will arrange to take photographs of your nose from various angles and will use software to check different types of plausible results. You may be given a chance to select one that you feel is the closest to your expectation.
4.Brief discussion about your expectations

Your surgeon of plastic surgery in Hyderabad of nose will briefly discuss with you all the factors that motivated you towards getting a nose job. He will try to understand you expectations and will try to make you understand what rhinoplasty can and can’t do for you.
Perfect target spots for rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty is usually done in an outpatient surgical setting. AS discussed earlier the prime spots for rhinoplasty are bridge, nostrils, and tip of the nose. To correct these, the patient will have to go through a uniform pattern as discussed below.
Before the surgery starts, your doctor will either use general or local anesthesia depending upon the kind of change and age of the patient. In a simple procedure, local anesthesia works well in numbing the patient’s nose as well as the face. All the medication supplies are passed through an IV line, while the patient continues to stay awake.
When you are given general anesthesia, patient is made to inhale a drug and he lies unconscious. After achieving this, surgeon will make small cuts either inside or between the nostrils. The incision will separate your skin from bone and cartilage and then the actual process of redesigning the nose begins. For additional cartilage, your doctor might take some from your inner ear or from deep inside your nose. Similarly, to elongate the bone, a bone graft can be fixed.
The entire procedure involving all the essential spots takes around one to two hours in whole. But, if the level of complexity increases, time take might change accordingly.
There are many risks involved as well. That is why, it is immensely important that only top plastic surgeon in Hyderabadis chosen to perform rhinoplasty.


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