Stem Cell

Stem Cell

Our inclination towards unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, atmospheric changes, and hormonal imbalances are the chief reasons that promote the loss of hair, baldness, and other hair issues. Other than environmental issues, there are other factors too like stress, side effects of medicines, diseases or other heredity driven factors can also give rise to several hair problems like thinning of hair or balding which affects the overall appearance of any individual. Changes in the appearance can result in the lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, to overcome such situations and achieve a thick, long and shiny hair, “stem cell therapy” is the best therapy that is devised to treat such unwanted circumstances. It is one of the recent technologies which provides the treatment against male pattern baldness, hair fall and hair loss. Hair regrowth treatment on stem cell therapy involves the renewal of the lost stem cells. In the stem cell therapy, the pores of the hair scalp are filled with concentrated stem cell solution which results in the growth of new hairs. According to some researchers, a stem cell therapy can bring the most satisfying and effective results for hair loss. Therefore, people suffering from hair thinning or hair loss issues may consider hair loss therapy.

What is a Stem Cell

There are different kinds of stem cells in our body. The one which is developed at early stages of life ,is called embryonic stem cells. Other stem cells are generated at a later stage which helps the tissue-specific stem cells or adult stem cells that exist throughout the life. The purpose of each type of stem cell is different and tissue-specific stem cells serve different purposes in our body. There are blood-forming stem cells (found in the bone marrow) and other neural stem cells for making the brain cells. The function of the neural stem cell, cannot be executed by blood-forming stem cells and vice versa. So every type of stem cell holds a specific functions in the body’s overall mechanism. However, it is only a single type of stem cell that can cure a range of multiple diseases.

The Stem Cell Therapy

The stem cell therapy is a groundbreaking hair loss treatment for the re-growth of the hair which encourages the growth of the hair within three to four months of therapy. Unlike other treatment procedures, stem cell therapy is the best, the safest and most effective procedure for both men and women. The hair follicles include stem cells in the center of the follicles and these cells lead to the constant supply of cells for the rapid development of the hair. The stem cells are capable of renewing themselves through cell division or stimulating the long-dead hair follicles in the bald areas.

At first, some hair follicles are taken by the surgeon from the hair root to proceed the culture in a laboratory. Next, the stem cells are restored where the blood of the patients are drawn out, then concentrated and separated through centrifugation process. This concentrated solution is then reinjected in the desired area to achieve the best result. The hair follicles have stem cells which can easily initiate the growth of the hair and can be transplanted into the scalp. The results are clearly visible within three to six months. The procedure is best for treating a receding hairline, crown baldness and thinning of hair around the temples.

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy

The stem cell therapy is often completed through one or more sessions. The cost of the sessions reduces gradually on to the later sessions. The cost of the therapy usually varies depending on several factors like reputation and experience of the surgeon, geographical location, etc. The cost can be estimated depending on the severity of the condition and other factors during the consultation.

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