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No one likes eye bags under their eyes as they make them look tired and old. Nothing can make the condition better, nor diet or sleep. Eye bags can appear because of several factors, but the three most common factors are:

  • Our eyes are located on the orbits and a mass of tissue spreads from the rim of the orbit to the eyelid which is called the orbital septum. The fat deposits in this, orbital forms cushions under the eyes and make them appear puffy
  • Some people may also genetically inherit the formation of eye bags and the signs may start showing up during early adolescence
  • With normal aging, the orbital septum starts weakening and that may cause the fat to form a lump protruding outwards and press the skin on it. These lumps of fat may also appear as eye bags

However, with the advancement of cosmetic surgery, it is now possible to remove the eye bags by traditional surgery and non-surgical procedure.

Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal

Dermal fillers can be typically used as one of the non-surgical treatment to eliminate eye bags. Dermal fillers are a type of gel that constitutes mainly of hyaluronic acid that functions in restoring the volume of the soft facial tissues. This procedure is highly beneficial for those with cheek deflation because these dermal fillers can smoothen the under-eye area up to the cheeks, which will eliminate the appearance of the bags under the eyes. Patients with excess fat under their eye may benefit from this procedure depending on particular facial anatomy. Candidates can go back to their work the next day but slight tenderness or redness may remain for the first 7-10 days.

Surgical Eye Bag Removal

The surgical procedure can be beneficial for people with protruding fat under their eyes. This procedure encompasses the removal of the under eye fat and excess skin in some cases. Most of the patients are suggested to go back to their normal activities after a week of undergoing the surgery. Full recovery may take four to six weeks or may vary depending on individual recovery rate. Following your surgeons, the advice is the best choice to achieve the best results.

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