Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation Surgery — Would You Do It?

Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation Surgery — Would You Do It?

In today’s modern society, the sole reason for any person to change or defy themselves would be to actually upscale their image or even gain confidence, by changing something that they already have. But then for men and women, this might be different and also can be somewhat skeptical of knowing as to what might intrigue them into doing all of this. Needless to say, that when it comes to men, you could emphasize on several things and there are newer technologies that are being brought about on a daily basis to make these procedures a lot easier and simpler. But then when it comes down to women, it’s a whole new different ball game. There are so many things that a woman can do to their body such that it can literally transform them into one form to another. The primary or the main thing that we are talking about here is the breast augmentation surgery or boob jobs as it’s called, is what drives females to get a new image in particular.

But before we get anywhere near the topic, let’s understand what breast augmentation actually means? It’s nothing but a surgical operation where the doctor enlarges the overall shape and size of the breasts in order to redefine the shape and make it into a much profound figure. The entire operation is called as breast augmentation surgery. There might be several reasons for anyone to actually get this done. It might be for personal satisfaction or to impress their loved ones. Or to just gain confidence by actually changing their image to gain more attention. The reasons might vary. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss as to what the pros and cons of getting a breast augmentation done. But before we even head onto that topic. Let’s take a wider view on the topic and the various things that one has to look forward to before she might get the job done. So, without further ado, let’s get cracking on the topic.

Why might one want to get the surgery done?

Well if you ask anyone about breast augmentation, then the reasons may vary from person to person. Everyone has their own flaws that they want to cover up with the magic of science. So yeah, you could say that there are multiple reasons for anyone to get them done. Some of the reasons are given below.

  • Some women prefer their breasts to feel more profound and also have the best in class shape and size. They want them to feel firm and round in shape. Also, primarily to enlarge the overall size of the breast.
  • Also, after pregnancy, breasts do tend to get really big. Therefore, breast augmentation comes handy to reduce the size for proper functionality in day to day life.
  • After any sort of fatal incident or accident, the patient might want to reconstruct their breasts to give them something better and also have them in a new shape and size.
  • Not all women would want their breasts to be for personal or loved satisfaction. Many of them consider it to be a symbol of confidence and a way to charm people into getting to know things that they would wish to know. Also, it helps to enhance your image in front of the public.

Other than the reasons given above, a surgeon can guide you better as to why many women would prefer to get breast augmentation done on their bodies.





Pros of the breast augmentation surgery

After reading everything about the surgery, you sure as well know that there are some really go advantages of actually having the surgery to be done. Well, some of the advantages are given right below.

  1. The rise in confidence of women to sport their breasts.

Well, the implants that the doctors use in order to enlarge the overall look and feel of the breasts are quite similar to touch and feel like the breasts. They are silicon and really soft to hold and feel. It goes in without any sort of discomfort whatsoever. But then some women who have smaller breasts are embarrassed to have small breasts and hence this surgery can actually help them in getting back the bigger sized boobs that they always hoped for. Hence in this manner breast augmentation surgery helps out women to achieve self-confidence and a moral to stand up in the society.

  1. The pregnancy that might alter the entire structure of your breasts.

Well after pregnancy any women can feel happy and also be relieved as to having their breasts being so big and tender. But then there’s one catch. They do tend to become saggy that could make them look quite weird as well. Hence because of breast augmentation surgery, you can breast implants put in to hold up the entire posture of the breasts without losing anything at all. In turn, the sagginess of the breast benefits the women in converting them to the big breasts that they always wanted.

  1. The implants used in surgery last for a really long time.

Well, the implants that are used in order to enlarge the overall size of the breasts are clinically proven to last or a very long time. It is primarily because those women tend to get the surgery once. Repetitive surgery can prove to be risky and also the implants are built to last almost forever. After a particular age, it’s necessary for the women to remove the implants as it can be dead weight that needs to be carried around. Not only this but it can stick around in a woman for almost a lifetime.

  1. Knock yourself out with the level of customization.

Just like you try to decide to overhaul your car into a new car by adding extra features. The same can be said about breasts. The kind of breast that you have in mind can be converted into reality. Anything that you demand can be done. Whether it is getting them to be really big or small or firm and tender. It depends on your imagination as to how you want them. Depending on your body size and other physical features, the plastic surgeon operating on you will give you a set of looks that you can choose from. Even fat from different parts of your body can be harvested in order to increase the shape and size of the breasts to achieve that most wanted look in the individual.

  1. Larger the breasts, the better the clothes go onto you.

Well with women having a flat chested body do get a tough time in order to get the desired look and feel in clothing that they actually like. Either they might have to find something that is girly in the men section. Or actually, find their size in the women’s department. It differs from person to person. But then women with perky breasts and enlarged assets sure can flaunt their way through anything. Clothing can elevate their beauty to another level and the breasts just steal the limelight. Also, it increases the overall confidence of the women and gives them the confidence to get everything to another level and carry out the work with ease and without any sort of discomfort of having small breasts.

Cons of getting breast augmentation surgery done

Well with every pro, there always are the cons. There are quite a few. But then this is entirely based on personal opinion and even if these don’t reflect anything that you might want to inflict on yourself. Then the pros are sufficient for your likings. Hence some of the cons of the surgery are given below.

  1. Sagging is never cured by breast augmentation surgery.

Well, this procedure is only to make the breasts become larger and bigger in size. But then if you are looking for making the breast stand out on its own and not sag, then you are looking at a whole different new operation altogether called breast lift.

  1. Well, the lifetime guarantee always isn’t true.

If you are looking for your breasts to look stunning even after several years of surgery, then fiction is only the place where all this is possible. The silicone implants that are put inside your breasts are solely for increasing their overall size. Even wear and tear can rupture them and also create an awkward posting of the silicone implants to shift positions as well. If you face any sort of problems, then you are looking at additional surgery to get this put back in the right place.

  1. Mammograms get complicated after the surgery.

If you have a breast cancer generation epidemic in your family, then it’s better not to get a breast augmentation surgery done as the mammograms to identify the presence of cancer and lumps in your breasts gets very difficult because of the implants. The silicone makes it really tough for the device to detect the presence of lumps till it becomes to alter for anything to be done but for the entire breast to just be cut off. But then it will require specialized ways of viewing the breast to rule out breast cancer.

  1. There might a series of MRI routines that need to be followed.

Well, the food and drug administration has officially said that after every one or two years of a patient getting any sort of breast augmentation surgery done, MRI is required in order to rule out any signs of cancer and the formations of lumps. If caught earlier it can save your life and your breast.

  1. Breastfeeding takes its tool after the surgery.

It becomes a challenge if you ever get a baby and have to breastfeed it after getting your implants and the surgery done. The connections to the mammary glands take time to reconnect and if everything in the surgery was done right, then nothing really happens. But if it was hampered, then you might face a tough challenge in breastfeeding your baby.

  1. If you have insurance, forget it covering for your breast implants.

Well if you are looking to reconstruct and beautify your body, then forget the insurance companies trying to pay for it. Unless and until if something fatal after an accident that you need breast augmentation, then only they will suffice to get the operation done. Other than that, get ready to pay the bills out of your pocket.

  1. Breast implants removal needs additional surgery.

If you are thinking of actually getting your breasts removed after the breast augmentation surgery, then you have to get another surgery done which might lead to more bills and more cash. But then if you are no happy with the first procedure, then don’t think the other surgery is covered with the one operation that is being done. You will be charged separately and the bills will be really big depending upon the number of surgeries that you might carry out.

  1. The overall cost of each breast augmentation surgery.

Well if you are looking for making your breast big then it will set you back a lot of money. Somewhere around the region of $4000 dollars. But then this might vary from region to region and also If you get the breast implants installed in the same hospitals then if you want them removed when the bill might be a little cheaper as well. So, think twice before you actually get the implants.

  1. Long-term waits for recovery.

If anyone is looking to get back on their feet right after surgery then that is near to impossible. After a breast augmentation surgery, the patient at least needs 5-6 days of recovery times. Some doctors might discharge them earlier, but then for others, it’s a long wait for a proper recovery. Also, to accept the implants as a part of your body is very tough and also can make you feel like removing them. Hence it takes quite some time before the body gets used to the implants.


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