Octoplasty (Ear Correction)

Shape Your Ears

Shaping up ears with ear surgery can improve the shape, position, and proportion of the ear. The procedure is also known as Otoplasty which is able to rectify any defect in the structure of the ear which can be a birth defect or which have become prominent with age. The surgery is capable of treating any ear disproportion that has been caused due to injuries.

Ear surgery can provide a much more defined and natural shape to the ears that are proportional to the face and appearance. Even a minor defect in the ears can disturb your appearance and self-esteem, so correcting it is very vital.

The Purpose of Ear Surgery

  • To reduce an overly large ear which is called macrotia
  • Changing the degree of protruding ears which may not be related to hearing issues
  • Dissatisfying shape, size or structure of the ear can also be corrected.

Candidates for Ear Surgery

Ear surgery can be effective and beneficial for both children, adults, and teenagers. So people of any age must have the following characteristics which  must be considered before the surgery:

  • The candidate must be overall healthy with no life-threatening illness or chronic ear infections
  • For children, the candidate must be above 5 years with a stable ear cartilage, where the correction procedure can be carried on
  • They must be cooperative and ready to follow the instructions provided by their surgeon
  • For adults, they must be nonsmokers to avoid complications
  • Finally keeping a positive outlook towards the surgery is also very important

Ear Surgery Procedure

  • Before the surgery begins, medications are administered in the candidate for which the choices include local or general anesthesia or intravenous sedation
  • Several corrections are made in the ear utilizing surgical techniques like-
  1. Rectifying protruding ears
  2. Creating or enhancing the anti-helical fold
  3. Reducing the enlarged conchal cartilage.
  • However, the incisions are made at the back of the ears and even if the incisions are made at the front, the stitches within the folds are appreciated. Some internal fixed sutures are made to fix the position of the cartilage in its exact place
  • The incisions are closed with stitches but techniques may vary depending on individual necessities
  • The results are visible immediately in the case of protruding ears but for more extensive ear surgery the results will be visible over time. The incisions are dressed to provide support to the new shape of the ears in the first few recovering days. The surgical scars are mostly hidden either behind the ear or within the ear folds.



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