Nipple Correction

Nipple Correction

Nipples play a very vital role in the overall health of a woman. But 2 percent of the female population endures problematic nipples like inverted nipples, stick or bulged out nipples. This issue can affect both the shape and size of the nipples. Though all of these problems are not really harmful in most cases they can become the reason for embarrassment or discomfort in personal life. If these problems are a matter of concern, then you can easily correct them by undergoing aesthetic surgery.

What is Nipple Correction Surgery?

Nipple correction is a cosmetic procedure that includes the correction of enlarged, asymmetrical and extended inverted nipples. There are numerous procedures for nipple correction surgery, which depends on the specific problem to be addressed. Most of the procedures can be performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient process. So there is no need to stay overnight in the hospital. The procedure may be performed on one or both the breasts to maintain the symmetry of nipples.

What are the Benefits of the Nipple Correction Surgery?

  • The discomfort or embarrassment created by enlarged or inverted nipples can be corrected by the surgery
  • The downtime and recovery process very less
  • In some cases, breastfeeding is not affected

Nipple Correction Procedure

The procedures highly depend on the type of problem and the method required to address the issue. So following are the problems and solutions that can fix it:

  • Nipple inversion- For women with deformed nipples right from birth or inverted during puberty, surgeons usually detach it from the milk ducts to correct it. In such cases, breastfeeding is no more possible. In other cases of nipple inversion, the nipples can be dragged out and then supported with a loop. These candidates have no issues in breastfeeding as the milk ducts are kept untouched.But for some complicated circumstances, the nipples are so inverted that they re-invert even after the surgery. For such conditions, a nipple prosthesis can be a solution which provides support to the nipple and preventing them from reverting. But this is applied in extreme cases as it may involve some risks of infection.
  • Nipple reduction- This one is for those, whose nipples extend outward abnormally. Protruded nipples may occur because of breastfeeding. For this, the projection of the nipples can be corrected by removing and shaping it up. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Risks and Recovery

A day after the surgery, the patient will experience some pain but that can be reduced by taking painkillers. The patient can resume daily activities after a day or two of the surgery.The complications involved are similar to other cosmetic surgeries. Complications may include re-inversion, infection, tissue damage, bleeding, visible scars, loss of nipple sensitivity, etc. Some patients may not be able to able to breastfeed while others can. However, the best part is that the complications can be corrected with your surgeon’s medications or a revision surgery. The final results achieved are generally permanent without any chance of risks or complications.

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