Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is indeed the most important aspect in the life of any woman. But it is indeed a matter of fact that pregnancy takes a toll on the body of every woman by altering the changes of breasts, tummy, legs and many others. At some point, the mothers become desperate enough to get back their pre-pregnancy appearance. To achieve that they chose to undergo a strict diet, and exercise regimen. But most of the time they usually do not end up with satisfactory result and that makes the new mothers feel frustrated. But, worry not because cosmetic surgery has helped the mothers to open up a new side that will help mothers to restore their pre-pregnancy appearance by simply undergoing a mommy makeover.

A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedure that helps a woman to restore a pre-pregnancy appearance by typically making most rectifications on the breasts and abdomen. An overall mommy makeover includes tummy tuck, breast procedures like breast lift, reduction, and augmentation, liposuction of the arms and legs or even trunk, vaginal rejuvenation. Ultimately, the goal of a mommy makeover is to restore the shape, size, and appearance of a woman’s body after completing childbearing. So there are numerous techniques that women may choose to accomplish depending on various factors like the desired amount of restoration, the position of the incision and the type of implant used.

Therefore, anyone who wants to reverse the unwanted changes in the body like sagging, deflated breasts, excess skin the abdominal region or any other changes similar to these that too after pregnancy may wish to undergo a mommy makeover procedure. The most important part is the candidates who wish to undergo such a cosmetic procedure must be in an overall good health condition.


A mommy makeover can not only help in restoring the physical condition of the patients, but it also helps in boosting up the self-confidence and self-esteem after undergoing the procedure. By undergoing a liposuction and a tummy tuck procedure, the candidates are able to achieve a flatter and slimmer abdominal section with no extra and sagging skin. Not just this women with deflated, sagging breasts can undergo a breast augmentation and a breast lift procedure to restore a fuller and perkier breast appearance. On the other hand, women who are struggling hard with their overly large breasts are also able to achieve  smaller breasts that will help them to resolve many issues related to it. So overall undergoing a mommy makeover procedure is beneficial in all the possible ways, making the women feel happier and even more youthful and confident than ever before.

Surgical Procedure

So, we already know now that a mommy makeover is not just a single procedure rather it is a combination of numerous other cosmetic procedures under one. So following the most commonly performed procedures that are included in Mommy makeover-

  • Tummy Tuck- Tummy tuck is popular as Abdominoplasty that helps in getting rid of the flabby sagging abdominal area. The procedure includes removal of the excess, loose skin and fat that can tighten a loose fascia that even becomes stretched during pregnancy. In this procedure, the surgeon first removes the skin and the fat from the abdominal area. Then the abdominal muscles are tightened by using sutures. If required then the skin around the belly button may also be repositioned if required and then sutured up to its normal position. Typically, in a mommy makeover procedure, the incisions are typically made from one end of the hip to the other end so that the incisions are made within the natural creases in the body within the bikini line.
  • Liposuction- Liposuction is also popular as lipoplasty which helps in improving the overall body contour of the flanks or hips. So, surgeons while performing a mommy makeover mostly recommend the patients to undergo liposuction of the hips and the thighs all under one surgical procedure. However, liposuction may still be effective on the chest, neck, upper arms and knees. The procedure is executed by first administering local anesthesia to the patients to ensure that the patients do not experience any major pain or discomfort. Then a thin cannula is used through these incisions to remove fat from certain areas through fat emulsification. Then the liquefied fat is removed from the body through a strong vacuum suction. However, after the fat removal procedure, a compression garment is used to provide a support to the new contour.
  • Breast lift- A breast lift procedure is termed as mastopexy that helps in treating sagging and loose breasts with drooping nipples and stretched areolas that help in elevating the breast tissues. Therefore, by undergoing a breast lift procedure, the candidates are able to achieve a younger and rejuvenating appearance. In undergoing this procedure the surgeon first administers the patient with local or general anesthesia to make sure that the patients experience no pain or bruising during the procedure. Then the surgeon makes an incision on or around the breasts depending on the amount of excess skin and glandular tissues to be removed. After repositioning or reshaping the breast tissues and reshaping the breast tissues and removing the excess skin, the incisions are sutured up. The surgeon usually provides the patients with a compression bra to provide support to the new breast contour.
  • Breast reduction- Often woman during pregnancy experience an increase in the shape and size of the breasts. An overly large sized breast will not only provide an unpleasant appearance but it may also give rise to other issues like pain, poor posture, rashes, breathing troubles, low confidence, etc. So undergoing a breast reduction procedure helps in reducing the shape and size of the breasts. Like any other surgical procedure, the surgeon first administers local anesthesia to the patients and then make incisions on the desired location. The surgeon may also choose to perform liposuction of the fat tissues present in the breast and then reduce the size of the breast by altering the underlying shape and size of the breasts. The surgeon also repositions the nipples if required. Ultimately the incisions are all sutured up to support the new shape of the breasts. The incisions are then covered with bandages and a supporting bra is provided during the post-op recovery period.
  • Breast augmentation- As with the name, breast augmentation we can understand that it is a procedure that helps in increasing the breast size by using implants. There are a variety of implants like the silicone gel implants and the saline implants that are currently in use and are FDA approved. The surgeon makes an incision in the breast to elevate the breast tissues and then creates a slit to position the implants carefully. The implants are positioned depending on the degree of fullness required. At the end of the procedure, the incisions are sutured up and wrapped up with a bandage. A surgical compression bra is also required to provide support to the surgical site.
  • Breast lift- A breast lift procedure may also be performed in combination with a breast augmentation procedure for women who are suffering from sagging and dropping breast. The surgical procedure involves removing the excess glandular tissues to maintain the projection and roundness of the breast.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation- women, after completing pregnancy and childbirth may also wish to undergo a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. It is also not a single procedure but it covers many other cosmetic procedures like genital plastic surgery, female genital rejuvenation, female genital cosmetic surgery, vulvovaginal plastic procedure, etc. However, among all these procedures, labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, labiaplasty are the most common procedures which most of the woman chooses to undergo. However, before undergoing any the surgical procedure, it is very important to consult with your surgeon.


The surgeon usually discusses all the procedure to the patients and especially about when they can return back to normal activities and work after following the Mommy makeover procedure. Generally, the incisions are covered with bandages and they are instructed to wear a compression garment. Immediately after following the procedure, the patients mostly do not feel any pain or discomfort. But, when the anesthesia’s effect wears off, the pain and swelling may be felt significantly. However, the surgeons provide some medications for pain, antibiotic to ensure that the patient experience a complication free result.

Now, the recovery period for a mommy makeover is indeed a long one and the first few days are a bit difficult one. The patients normally feel better after two to three weeks and ready to resume light activities. But strenuous activities, weightlifting for a minimum of six weeks. The surgeon provides the patients with a post-op instructions that includes the patients to take slow walks right after the day of undergoing the procedure. Most of the swelling and bruising will subside within five weeks and the final results will start showing up. However, the instructions that are provided by the surgeon must be followed accurately and then the candidates are also provided with a compression garment that helps in quicker healing.


The results obtained from a mommy makeover procedure helps in achieving absolutely permanent result. But there are some instances that may affect the result and some of them are pregnancy, weight gain, aging, etc. Additionally, a woman undergoing a breast implant surgical procedure usually provides semi-permanent results since the implants need to be replaced after 9 to 10 years. This is done because there is always a chance for the implants to get ruptured or get displaced from its position. To avoid such circumstances the patients are instructed to follow a yearly mammogram for evaluating the condition of the implants. Additionally, the patients must return to the plastic surgeon for various follow-up evaluation.

Any major complication that is related to the mommy makeover procedure is rare and the patient’s satisfaction level is high. But any surgical procedure includes some potential complications that few patients may or may not experience. Some of them are-

Adverse reaction to anesthesia, hematoma, and seroma, infection, bleeding, changes in skin sensation, scarring, allergic reaction to anesthesia, damage to the underlying structure, formation of blood clot in the lungs, etc. However, most of these side effects can be avoided by following the instructions that are provided by the surgeon.

Procedure Surgeon in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is now one of the most developed cities in India. It consists a large number of developing sectors and cosmetic surgery is one of them. People who dwell in Hyderabad or anywhere near to it may think about undergoing a cosmetic procedure. But patients in most of the time is baffled while selecting the right surgeon for undergoing such a cosmetic procedure when a city has thousands of other similar cosmetic hubs. So our ai is finding the trustworthy one who can perform the cosmetic procedures very carefully. Inform clinic is one such trustable clinic that provides the best service to the patients. Following are the most important reasons why Inform clinic is the best option-

  • The clinic has a team of highly efficient, experienced and well-trained surgeon who always provides the best services.
  • The team of surgeons is well trained so they have the capability of combatting any complications that are related to any of the cosmetic procedures.
  • The staffs and technicians are also well trained who respects the patient and take proper care and makes sure that the patients do not feel uncomfortable at all.
  • The clinic maintains absolute transparency while billing .
  • Inform clinic also maintains a proper hygiene that the people so the patients never feel sick or uncomfortable.
  • We can easily find a clinic that claims for certain extra charges but Inform clinic do not claim any such extra costs or hidden costs. It charges the rates that are valid throughout the world.
Preparation before, on the day and after visiting the clinic

Before undergoing the procedure the surgeon usually provides the patients with some pre-op instructions. The patients are also instructed to undergo a complete physical exam to determine the candidacy of undergoing the procedure. The other pre-op instructions include avoiding taking certain medications like aspirin, other blood-thinning medicines, anti-inflammatory medications to avoid profuse bleeding and other complications during the procedure and to ensure the best results. Regardless of the type of surgery to be performed, hydration is very important both before and after the surgery for a safe recovery. Smoking is strictly prohibited for the candidates since the nicotine content in it impairs the healing procedure. Alcohol consumption must also be avoided at least two-three weeks before and after undergoing the procedure.

On the day of undergoing the procedure, the patients are recommended to reach early to the clinic. Since mommy makeover is not a single procedure, it is a combination of numerous other surgical procedures so most of the patients are administered with general anesthesia. In that case, the patients usually need to stay a night in the clinic until the patients have recovered completely and are out of danger. The patients are instructed to bring someone who can safely reach them home and also someone to take care. This is because the first few days of the recovery period is usually the worst.

After completing the procedure, the surgeons cover the incisions with bandages. The patients are provided with some post-op instructions and some medications to make sure that the patients experience a complication-free recovery period. However, the surgeon instructs to start taking brisk walks the next day of undergoing the procedure. It is very important for the patients to follow the instructions provided by the surgeon. Lifting, driving, exercising are completely prohibited until six weeks. The patients must attend the follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon.

Procedure FAQs

How long does the procedure take to complete?

Depending on the procedures undergone, the surgeons may take time between 3 to 6 hours for completion. Immediately after undergoing the procedure, the patients may feel groggy. But the patients will mostly start feeling better on the following day.

What is the cost of the Mommy Makeover procedure?

The cost of Mommy makeover procedure usually varies on various other factors like the experience of the surgeon, geographic location of the clinic, the types of procedure undergone, anesthesia fees and any other additional charges.

Does any insurance companies cover the cost of the procedure?

Since mommy makeover is a cosmetic procedure so there are no insurance companies that cover the cost of the procedure. So before taking the decision of undergoing the procedure must be well aware of the cost of the procedure.

How severe is the pain after undergoing the procedure?

Recovering from abdominoplasty may be variable and that may vary from person to person. The first few days after undergoing the procedure may be really tough and painful and the patients may require bed rest. The patients will experience maximum pain initially when the anesthesia effect wears off. So the surgeons provide the patients with some medications to alleviate such condition.

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