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Why choose Inform clinic for liposuction in Hyderabad?

Inform Clinic always has enough staff on duty with the right skills, knowledge, and experience relevant to the procedure.

The staff keeps a proper check on every possible risk or undertaking that could go wrong. For example, they will continuously monitor your health and look out for all the possible signs that your health might be getting worse. If something goes wrong with our care or treatment, the Clinic ensures proper steps to understand how it happened and why, you receive an apology, and the Clinic tells you the best way to improve the health.

Following are the highlights of the facilities at a clinic: -

  1. The staff takes makes sure that children, young people, and any senior members are properly taken care.
  2. Inform clinics has all plans ready for emergencies and busy periods. The Clinic is clean, and staff makes sure that the risk of infection is minimal.
  3. The staff has the right knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experience to help you get back on healthy tracks.
  4. The staff of Clinic has access to all the data such as your medical records that are helpful for the treatment.
  5. Your consent is always prioritized. Staff will help you take the final call if you need them to. Different teams work together with proper coordination
  6. Inform Clinics takes proper care and you are treated with dignity, kindness, compassion and you feel that the staff support and care about you.
  7. Staff is compassionate enough and will always be available when you might need them. Privacy is well taken care of.
  8. Cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad help you cope up emotionally with their care and treatment, and they help you to keep in contact with your friends and family.
  9. The staff helps you to manage your own health and to stay as independent as possible.
  10. The Clinic is open about how well it is performing and what can be the possible loopholes.
  11. The Clinic listens to your thoughts and uses your feedback to improve the services.
  12. The Clinic encourages its staff to raise concerns and abides by what all is instructed to any concerns are investigated and acted upon
  13. The appointment system is super easy for anyone to use.
  14. The Clinic tries to avoid long ques and waiting times, delays and or any immediate cancellations.
  15. Staff informs you about any changes or sudden cancellation that may affect your treatment. There is an easy procedure for you to raise a complaint. If you do, the Clinic takes it seriously and responds as quickly as possible
  16. Inform Clinics Provides a safe and high-quality atmosphere important to the people in charge at every level of the Clinic.
  17. The Clinic is open about how well it is performing and what can be the possible loopholes.
  18. The Clinic listens to your thoughts and uses your feedback to improve the services.
  19. The Clinic encourages its staff to raise concerns and abides by what all is instructed to any concerns are investigated and acted upon.
  20. Inform clinics have all the recent facilities.


Inform Clinic is effective because the staff of Clinic ensures that health is prioritized and takes care of the hygiene and lifestyle. You can expect Inform Clinics to be responsive to all the needs. The Clinic thinks about your needs when planning your care and treatment. It makes adjustments wherever possible to take into account things such as your age, disability, sex, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexuality.

Liposuction in Hyderabad

According to our data, Patients who undergo liposuction should have a stable body weight but would like to remove any undeniable fact from a specific body part liposuction should not be perceived as an ultimate treatment for obesity. According to research, liposuction surgeons will not help in removal of stretch marks or dimples. The aim is flawlessness - the patient wishes to alter and enhance the shape and size of a specific body part.

Liposuction removes fat cells, that helps in changing the contour of the body. However, if the patient fails to live a healthy lifestyle after the operation, there is a risk that the remaining fat cells will grow bigger and thereby fails the complete purpose of an operation. The amount of fat that can be safely removed is limited.

According to experts of liposuction in Hyderabad, liposuction has various possible risks, including infection, numbness, and scarring. If excess fat is removed, there may be lumps or dents. surgical risks are directly proportional to the amount of fat removed.

Steps of Liposuction

The liposuction procedure followed in Hyderabad includes the following steps:

1. Anaesthesia

liposuction surgery generally involves only local anaesthesia, in some cases where various parts are involved, and the substantial amount of fat reduction is involved. Mild sedation can also be used with local anaesthesia, depending upon the stress level of the patient. Local anaesthesia such as lidocaine is used that makes the procedure less risky and reduces anaesthesia effects. However, patients who are allergic to lidocaine may not be able to go for tumescent liposuction.

2. Placement of Incisions

Small incisions are made in the targeted area once the patient has undergone anaesthesia. The size of incisions usually ranges between a quarter and a fourth of an inch. If the incisions are small and placed perfectly, the patient will not have to go through much of a hassle and subsequent scarring. Experienced cosmetic surgeon from Hyderabad receives patients from outside India

3. Removing Excess Fat Tissue

The surgeon will introduce a tube called cannula through incisions to decrease stubborn fat tissue. Once the vacuum tube reaches the deepest layers of fat from the targeted area, the surgeon will gently dislodge the fat cells. As the fat cells begin to deform, the surgeon will suction them out by a cannula through a pump or syringe. Advanced techniques such as laser or ultrasound energy may be used at this stage to reduce fat and make liposuction less invasive and more comfortable. The patient will anyway have to go replacement fluids to balance for the loss of fluid and blood.

4. Wound Closure

The incisions will be closed with traditional or absorbable stitches once the surgery is done. Drain tubes are generally placed by the surgeon below the skin in the incision areas. This will help to collect excess fluid and help to reduce infection in the first few days after surgery. Drain tubes, as well as sutures, will usually be removed in about a week or 10 days. If the incisions are very minor, the surgeon may allow them to remain open so that bruising, and swelling are minimal. Steps may vary if liposuction is performed with other surgeries.

Liposuction cost in Hyderabad

If you take a quick analysis on various liposuction/cosmetic surgery websites on the internet, you’ll find that the cost may vary for liposuction across India, but generally boils down to three primary reasons the area or areas of the body to be operated, size and amount of time invested and other primary consideration.

  • A fee of the anesthesiologist
  • Cost of the operating staff and other supportive action facility/or Clinic and other staff. Other routine costs include lab fees, blood work, cost of the elastic compression garments. you’ll need, medications and prescriptions and other advanced technology.
  • However, other factors that impacts on price include the experience of the surgeon (those who achieve results) and geographic location in areas of the country where rent and labour costs are in higher brackets.

Considering all standard costs that include doctor’s fee, anesthesiologist's fee, the additional facility fee and other usual charges, the average cost of liposuction in Hyderabad the body is 40,000. Liposuction cost in three verticals ranges from 60,000 to 90,000, and in five areas, as high as 100,000 to 200,000. Because most plastic surgeons offer bundled deals whereby a patient can have more than one area treated while paying a nominal fee for the operating facility and anesthesia.

To give you some approximate cost of Liposuction in Hyderabad. varies between Rs.40,000 to Rs.200,000 inclusive of medication and taxes, that vary with the body part fat you want to get rid and the procedure you have opted, and it varies from surgeon to surgeon because of brand and credibility. Liposuction in Hyderabad is very economical and cost-effective as compared to other cities.

Usually across India, liposuction cost in Hyderabad is considered as the best for liposuction. Comparatively, cost of liposuction in Hyderabad is considerably low in terms of the procedures and advanced technologies, like Tumescent liposuction, Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, Laser-assisted liposuction, provided while undergoing the treatment with respect to other cities.

How to choose the Best cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad?

In selecting your cosmetic surgeon, your task is to develop a list of doctors, not all medical surgeons are credible to perform cosmetic surgery or even practitioners with some little surgery experience are to be omitted from the list

 So the question stays the same how to get started?

Ask your friends and relatives if they can refer a cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. it’s often evident that the that the procedures which are tried and tested produce better quality results. It is advisable to read Practo and google reviews before choosing.

1. Ask for guidance from various health consultancies:

Consultancies may refer you to a specialist or certified plastic surgeon for the procedure. Cosmetic Surgery for Women receives hundreds of referrals from consultancies, and mostly the results are quite positive.

2. Via the Media:

Cosmetic Surgery for Women and various plastic surgeons feature in various media and broadcast, which is an indication of the level of experience and acknowledgement of the surgeons.

3. Check Their Credentials

Before taking any step further, recheck a surgeon’s qualifications, experience, and credentials.

Credentials can’t guarantee a positive outcome, but they can reduce your risk. Cosmetic Surgery for women have surgeons with all national benchmarks for training and commitment. You are in completely safe hands.

4. Arrange an Initial Consultation with the surgeons to clear all the queries if it’s possible for you

In your consultation, you need to be thoroughly reassured, your questions need to be addressed and your decision to step ahead or not should be crystal clear. At your consultation, you should clear all the queries and your surgeon should answer all the doubts. Most importantly, your surgeon should not rush into a decision. Cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad believe in providing all the needed information to make an informed decision about your body.

5. Make an Informed Decision:

Now that you have all the essential resources you need, you are in a better position to make an informed decision for deciding upon the right cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad. For consultation with the Cosmetic Surgeons in Hyderabad please schedule an appointment at inform clinics.  Consultation helps you discuss exact needs and recommend a suitable plan of action to help you achieve your goals.

Why choose Hyderabad for liposuction?

  1. Cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad are board certified. Many people are having the view that state medical boards ensure that surgeons are qualified enough to operate, but that fact is that the government does have not any such requirement. This problem is more severe in cosmetic surgery, as various doctors with general surgery or any similar experience pop up in order to generate higher revenue
  2. Cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad holds a decade old experience in the specific procedures you want. Each vertical of cosmetic surgery requires different skillset: you can imagine how operating on a nose with bone, cartilage, and breathing passages would be entirely different from operating on cheekbones. Given this, cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad hold sub-specialties within the field. Choose surgeons here are certifies cosmetic surgery
  3. Staff employed for liposuction in Hyderabad makes you feel at home that makes the procedure little less complicated. Surgery is a huge deal, and there can be sharp custom the way. You need to be cent percent comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon and the additional support team. the cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad can be completely trusted
  4. Customer service matters to the cosmetic surgeon of Hyderabad. You want to be sure you are being treated well. Much of this will be obvious a few minutes after you set your foot in the cosmetic surgeon’s office. Things to keep in mind.

 Questions to necessarily ask

  • Is the staff friendly?
  • Does the Clinic have sufficient materials to be able to prepare me for the risks and realities of surgery?
  • Are all fees clearly stated?
  • Does the quote have everything inclusive?
  • When I contact, do I receive an immediate reply?

Liposuction Techniques Hyderabad

There are numerous liposuction techniques that have evolved over years. The surgeons can utilize these least invasive liposuction techniques to achieve the best results efficiently. Following are the most common liposuction techniques that can are most extensively used-

  • Traditional liposuction- A traditional liposuction is the most primitive form of liposuction that is a not a least invasive procedure.
  • Tumescent Liposuction- The tumescent liposuction is pretty much similar to the traditional liposuction but it is a modern liposuction approach. The experts use innovative medications to reduce the risks and complications that are associated with the traditional liposuction technique.
  • Super-wet liposuction- A super wet liposuction procedure is another liposuction approach with a minor variation to the tumescent technique. In this procedure, the amount of fluid injected is equal to the amount of fat that is being removed.
  • Ultrasonic liposuction or Vaser Liposuction- This is also another popular form of liposuction which is known as Vaser liposuction that uses a specialised cannula that emits ultrasound sound waves into the fatty tissues.
  • Lipo-selection- This is another specialised form of liposuction that is just a variation of the Vaser liposuction which helps in emulsifying the fat by breaking down the fat cells by using ultrasound waves emitted by the lipo-Selection probes.
  • Power-assisted Liposuction- In a power-assisted liposuction, the surgeons use a cannula that has a vibrating tip which is introduced into the fatty tissues to break down the fat cells very easily.
  • Laser liposuction- The laser liposuction is the most modern and latest liposuction technique that helps to loosen the fat cells and make them easier to remove the fatty tissues. However, it may be costlier than any other liposuction technique. The laser liposuction procedure involves –
  • Cool lipo which is also a minimally invasive procedure that is specifically used for targeted areas like neck, jowls, arms, under the chin, etc. It involves minimum bruising, helps In tightening the skin.
  • Slim lipo helps in melting the fat cells before they are being removed. The patients undergoing this procedure are often found to resume work few hours after undergoing the procedure.
  • Smart Lipo creates the minimal scarring and is used for fine sculpting of any targeted area. A remarkable amount of fat can be removed by this procedure but still, it is considered as one of the least invasive procedure.
  • Abdominal etching- This is also a specialised form of liposuction that is used to highlight the abdominal muscles and helps the patients to achieve a desired appearance of the six-pack abs.


It is important that your decision to have a Cosmetic Surgery procedure should be carefully considered. There are various factors to be considered before deciding on the best Cosmetic Treatment or Surgery. There are some possible risks, as with all surgical procedures, which your Cosmetic Surgeon will discuss through before consultation, answering the doubts. This is the best opportunity to discuss the surgery in order that the Cosmetic Surgeon can fulfill all your expectations as to what can be possibly achieved.

Every Cosmetic Surgeon in Hyderabad performs liposuction and are fully accredited to practice as they are specialist in Cosmetic Surgery, and has specific training and required experience in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


After the liposuction surgery, following recommendations can be made:

  • Anaesthetic - patients who have a usual anesthetic usually spend the night at the Clinic. In general cases, patient can leave Clinic on the same day
  • Support bandages - the patient will be fitted with either an elasticated support corset or bandages on the recipient area post operation.
  • Antibiotics - patients may be prescribed antibiotics immediately post operations
  • Painkillers - the doctor will recommend painkillers to relieve pain
  • Stitches - the patient will be given a follow-up post-surgery procedure so as to remove stitches.
  • Numbness - patients may experience a bit of numbness in the area from the recipient area from where the fat was removed. This should improve within 9-10 weeks.

Liposuction Results Patients may not be able to appreciate the results of liposuction until the swelling has gone down, which in some cases may take many months. Usually, most of the swelling will be visible be after about 4 weeks, and the area where fat was removed would appear less bulky.

Patients who maintain a healthy weight can expect permanent results. Those who gain weight post procedure may find the change in fat distribution. previously fat accumulation in their hips area can be a problem

A patient has followed everything carefully beforehand and have discussed with their doctor and surgeon about their aims, visions motives, and expectations, the surgeon is skilled and experienced, and there are no complications, most patients will be satisfied with the results.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1.How long will the surgery go for?

Most surgeries time varies from are between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

2.How many areas can be operated at the same time during liposuction?

Usually, three to five areas can safely be done with a single liposuction procedure. Most of the patients only need one surgery for all treatment areas. If additional areas are needed, they can be done as soon as 50 hours later.

3.When can I exercise?

You can be at work after one day after surgery, it is recommended to every patient to take a 5-mile walk post-surgery, this promotes healing. Most patients return to their regular exercise regime between one to three weeks, although they may engage in the mild exercise regime.

4.When do I see the results?

Final results usually take between 6-15months, but various patients see the results within one month. Usually, by 4 weeks the swelling decreases and most patients are feeling better after the surgery.

5.Can combine liposuction be combined with other procedures?

In general, cosmetic surgeons from Hyderabad prefers to focus on liposuction and not combine it with other procedures. If few areas are managed and the other procedure can be done under IV sedation, then the combination can be preferred

6.What usually happens at the consultation?

During the consultation with cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad, they will analyse your body’s fat areas and resolve your query accordingly .you have as well as what results might realistically be anticipated. Once this is done, your surgical plan will be discussed and schedule your surgery and pre-operation appointment.

7.What procedure is adopted prior to surgery?

Once you have decided to move forward with surgery, a pre-operation appointment will be scheduled anywhere from 3 weeks to 10 days prior to your surgery date. This appointment will include blood work, pre-operation form filling, pre-and post operation guidelines and garment measurements. You will also meet cosmetic surgeon one more time to settle any other query which has been raised in mean time.

8.What happens post-surgery?

The local anaesthetic remains in place for 2 to 24 hours following liposuction surgery,  in order to keep you comfortable and pain free. After liposuction, patients are free of nausea, grogginess and the washed out feeling that usually accompanies anaesthesia. You may be recommended a  day to rest , there is minimal bruising, and a mild swelling and many patients do not require post-operative recovery methods to reduce pain. You can get back to work within two days. Physical exercise regime can be resumed within a week after liposuction.

You may have to report for some follow up post-surgery to check on incisions and make sure the healing process is working fine. Seven -month check-up is scheduled to see the expected results. The remaining 12 % will be visible within 6-12 months


I am Alisha 5'2" and 150lb. who was on the journey of hopelessness with the legs resembling my grandpa’s legs. My calves and thighs stay the same size while my breast would just race to be fluffier and heavy. It looks weird. Needless to say, it was a huge issue which drastically impacted my life.

Upon recommendation from one the health consultancies, I finally gave a shot to fat removal and don't get me wrong the procedure went just amazingly well with no hassles and easy drive on the otherwise bumpy pathway. This wasn’t the substitute for getting healthier, but it's was encouraging. Just the awareness that there exists a procedure which can help me lose fat around the stomach and upper body was the sign of relief, post-surgery was probably the first time I fell in love with my reflection!

I've undergone tons of consultation and quotes and finally, I settled for Inform clinics the staff at the Clinic were super friendly and easy to talk to. The whole process with Inform clinics was hassle free.

I must go for thighs and calves at separate times at the same was properly taken care of by the cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad because it's hard on the body to remove excess fat at ones especially in lower areas. I liked the frankness of the doctors. Finally, after the separate operation. I was back to the shape I always dreamt of.