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Is Liposuction Painful

Is Liposuction Painful?

Every individual aim at having a perfect body contour, but the real problem arises when no dietary plans or gym routines are working fine. In such a case, the major rescue from the situation seems to be the surgical one. That too, when the surgery is considered to be one of the most successful one then why not?

Consider Liposuction this season!

Liposuction is regarded as a technique in cosmetic surgery where excess fat is removed from under the skin through suction. This technique has become very popular and it is now a trend to get the perfectly contoured body with an easy technique. Liposuction is an answer to many prayers of the people and it is a quick fix for them who cannot lose weight through diet or exercise. However, removing fat from the body can never be easy. Pain is involved in either way.

To know the amount of pain involved in this process, go through this article. Your query could be answered whether the liposuction is painful or not? And how much pain a person has to bear while undergoing this surgery?

Is Liposuction Surgery Painful?

An invasive procedure is included in liposuction so there could be some pain involved but sedatives are given to patients for managing the comfort. Generally, the surgical experience will not be as painful because, during the process, the patient is on the anesthesia. Normally, it is considered by the people as the simple and gentle procedures; however, it is not the case. It is not just inserting the syringe and sucking out the fat but a lot more is involved in it.

At the initial level, the fat cells are injected using cold saline solution in which some adrenaline and aesthetic are involved. This solution mainly helps in loosening the fat by making it easier for removing it through suction. Lastly, the cannula or hollow needle is used for removing the fat and it is attached to a very powerful suction machine. This tears off the body of a patient from the inside.

Providing anaesthesia depends upon person to person and it is provided so that the patient does not find any kind of discomfort or pain during this typical process. Therefore, it can be said that surgery of liposuction is not painful unless the patient is not sedated in a certain way. If not done, then fat removal could be excruciatingly painful.

Is recovery after the surgery is painful?

A person gets ready in a week after undergoing this major surgery but this time period may be uncomfortable for them. However, it cannot be extremely painful all the time. Once the anaesthesia wears off, patients experience sore and tenderness in their body. Some doctors provide a suggestion that the amount of pain is directly proportional to the amount of fat removed from the body. Further, doctors also say that the first two to four days of recovery after the surgery is regarded as worst in terms of discomfort because anaesthesia starts to reduce its impact. But this pain is managed by providing medication to them so that they do not have to bear much pain.

Some people have given their reviews about the recovery pain that after the operation, they feel the sensation when they complete a tough workout. Moreover, a person who got his liposuction in Hyderabad commented that he faced difficulties after the surgery and opted for oral medication as prescribed by doctors in order to reduce the discomfort. Generally, the pain vanishes with every passing day.

Post-operative side effects of liposuction surgery

There are many other post-operative side effects associated with this. This includes swelling and bruising. By wearing a compression garment and doing icing treatment, the treated part can control these symptoms. However, swelling in the treated area can last for several weeks or months.

Rarely, patients could experience serious or persistent pain after several weeks of surgery. Such cases are very small in number and it indicates an unusual complication. If this kind of situation occurs, patients are advised to contact the doctor on an immediate basis for further guidance.

In the end, it can be concluded that modern technology has made possible the reduction in fat without any dietary plans or gym routine. Most importantly, involvement of pain is very less. Therefore, people can opt for the liposuction surgery without any hesitation because they can get best liposuction in Hyderabad.


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