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Is gynecomastia painful

Is gynecomastia painful?

Males and females are both born with hormones. Where in men the amount of testosterone is more, women wish for more estrogen levels. But there are conditions when men face a hormonal imbalance or other issues due to which he starts developing women like characteristics; enlarged breasts.

Enlarged male breasts, technically referred to as gynecomastia, is a condition that leads to swelling of breast tissues in man and boys. It generally happens when the balance between two bodily hormones; estrogen and testosterone, is thrown off. Although breast tissues in man don’t develop the way they develop in woman, but some man may suffer due to an insignificant growth of female hormone estrogen.

In boys, this imbalance usually happens when they are going through puberty and man may develop more of estrogen due to aging. This condition isn’t very uncommon and a lot of men suffer due to this undue swelling.

Their indeed are many other reasons that may trigger this enlargement and sometime the actual reason remains unknown. But there is gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad that can provide a guaranteed rescue from this embarrassing problem.

But, one may wonder if gynecomastia is harmful?

Is gynecomastia painful?

Benign! Benign they say, but honestly there is nothing benign about men developing breasts.
It may be bilateral or unilateral gynecomastia, it is sure to present itself as a palpable mass of tissues folded under the nipple.

Though a lot of people claim that gynecomastia is extremely benign but reports have revealed discomfort physically and emotionally. The very first sign of gynecomastia is a lump of fatty tissues under the nipples. Sometimes this lump can be tender and sore causing minor discomfort.

This lump might also give nightmares about having breast cancer, which indeed is a possibility in some men. Though having gynecomastia from no angle means that you have or might have breast cancer but surely surgeons conducting male breast reduction surgery in Hyderabad will run several tests on you to rule out the possibility. These tests would be conducted majorly to examine if you have any hard lumps, oozing fluids or skin problems as those are possible signs of breast cancer.

Apart from the noticeable lump, even an uneven swelling may occur in the breast and may result in one breast being bigger than the other.

Some men have a hard time going through gynecomastia, as they might feel constant pain. The pain could persist on one side or on either sides plus it may augment each time they are push against someone or something.  Now, you can imagine the condition of these men each time they try to wear a backpack or try and lift a shoulder bag, how painful those straps rubbing against their glandular tissues would be?

Almost in all the cases, the source of such severe discomfort and pain is glandular tissues as it may become inflamed and swollen causing discomfort.  But don’t worry, this do not mean that your gynecomastia is much severe; it just means that yours are more inflamed than that of others.

So, the best way to come out of that misery seems to be an adequate surgery that removes the source of the pain; glandular tissues. Having painful gynecomastia is not going to let you live a comfortable life. Moreover, it is not even smart to put yourself in so much of misery unnecessarily. All you have to do is getting it treated and coming out of the pain once and for all.

Emotional pain

Gynecomastia is not limited to causing you only a physical discomfort. It may have severe effects on one’s mental and emotional health too. Studies reveal that men suffering from gynecomastia go through mental trauma, have decreased self confidence, lesser self worth and live in constant worry about people noticing them way too much. These psychological pressures may lead to depression and anxiety may lead them to avoid social situations altogether.

These are some of the reasons why going through gynecomastia should never be an option. The best thing is to restore the happy and fun-filled life by inquiring for Gynecomastia surgery cost in Hyderabad to book your appointment. The pain and anxiety caused through it is not permanent and getting rid of it is in your hands.


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