Hair Transplant in Men

Hair Transplant in Men

A hair transplant is such a procedure where a dermatological surgeon transfers hair from the back or sides of the head to the front or top of the head. The hair transplant procedure is mostly carried out under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis where the patients can return home on the same day of undergoing the procedure. Now the question is who can undergo such hair transplant procedures? According to most of the surgeons, the patents who suffers from alopecia or baldness due to genetical issues or other issues like diet, stress, illness, side effects of medicines, may wish to undergo such hair restoration procedure.

Now there are two types of hair transplant procedure which men may choose to undergo-

  • FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction- FUE is one of the latest modern hair transplantation technique. In this procedure, an experienced surgeon extracts some hair follicles from the donor area which is typically the sides and back of the head. The extraction is performed with a special kind of instrument. Then the hair follicles are transferred to the recipient area by using special microneedles to make slits in the scalp area where the implants will be implanted. The surgeons inert the grafts in such a manner that it appears absolutely natural and realistic.
  • FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant- In this procedure the hair is extracted from the back and sides of the scalp and transferred to the recipient areas or balding areas of the scalp. The patient is then administered with local anaesthesia and the surgeon starts removing strips of tissues from the donor area once extracted. The donor strip is then cut into individual follicular units. These are finally transplanted carefully by the technicians and nurses present.

However, both of these procedures aim at achieving the best results. But FUE is mostly preferred by most of the men for treating male pattern baldness. This hair restoration procedure is mostly preferred by men because it does not involve any major scarring in comparison to that involved in FUT procedure. FUE is also a least invasive procedure that does not involve any stitches involving a short recovery period.

Benefits of hair transplant in men

Hair transplant is one of the best hair restoration procedure that involves transplanting the hair from the donor site to the recipient site. It provides absolutely natural results with normal growth of the original hair. The hair starts growing after few months of undergoing the procedure. Additionally, the hair transplant procedure is completely safe and a natural method which does not involve the use of any harmful chemicals or medicines that may damage the hair or give rise to other physical side effects. The transplanted hair just looks like naturally grown hair so the candidates don’t even have to use any special shampoos or chemicals to maintain the density of hairs. Normally, candidates after undergoing the hair transplant procedure are able to resume normal activities within few days of undergoing the procedure. In fact, most of the candidates also feel confident and positive after undergoing a hair transplant procedure with a head full of hair. The best part of undergoing an FUE hair transplant procedure is that it utilises advanced technologies and do not involve any linear scarring. It is such a meticulous method which helps in extracting and replanting leaving behind only tiny dots on the back of the scalp at the donor site.

Surgical procedure

Before beginning with the procedure, the donor site and the recipient sites are first marked. The surgeon then cleans the scalp and uses a small needle to numb the area of the head with local anaesthesia. Then the individual follicular units are extracted one at a time directly from the donor site of the scalp which is typically the sides and back of the scalp, which is more resistant to Androgen hormone. The back and sides of the head are first shaved off so that hundreds of hair grafts can be obtained very easily. After extraction of the hair grafts, the donor site is left to heal which later appears with tiny dots in that area. However, the acquired hair grafts are finally implanted meticulously in the areas of lesser growth of the head. This is a minimally invasive procedure that leaves behind no scarring and involves a short recovery period. But it is very important to undergo the procedure from an expert and experienced cosmetic surgeon who can use skills and artistic approach to achieve the best appearance. This procedure involves no cuts and stitches and the donor area can actually extend beyond the scalp because the FUE grafts can also be extracted from beard, arms, legs and even chest.


After following the surgical procedure, the patients are kept under observation for few hours and when the anaesthesia effect wears off, they are allowed to leave for home. Most of the patients, however, may feel some pain and tenderness in the area of treatment. They are mostly provided with some medications for several days after undergoing the procedure. The area of treatment is then bandaged over the scalp for few days. Some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications may also be provided for several days after undergoing the procedure. However, most of the patients are able to resume normal activities within 2 to 5 days of undergoing the hair transplant procedure. Within 2 to 3 weeks of undergoing the surgical procedure, the transplanted hair may fall as a result of trauma caused to the scalp. The new hair will grow after 3 to 4 months. It is seen that 60 percent of new hair growth is seen after 6 to 9 month. Some surgeons may also prescribe some hair boosting drugs like Minoxidil (Rogaine) to improve the hair growth after following the transplantation method.


The FUE hair transplant procedure involves certain side effects like the number of grafts that can be extracted in one session is always limited. The patients may also experience some hair loss due to trauma caused to the scalp, and this is termed as shock loss. If the extracted hair grafts are not handled properly then there are chances for damaging the hair grafts. To avoid any such circumstances, it is very important to choose an experienced surgeon who is well adept in carrying on such hair transplant procedures. Additionally, any type of cosmetic surgery procedure to be undergone involves certain risks like bleeding, infection and at worst cases, patients may end up achieving the most unnatural hair growth. Some people experience having some inflammation or infection at the hair follicles which is called folliculitis. However, some antibiotics and cold compress may help in relieving any of such problem. Thankfully, most of this side effects are not permanent.

Procedure surgeon in Hyderabad

Yes, baldness and hair thinning may arise at any age and that may occur due to heredity, genetical issues, hormonal imbalance, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, side effects of medications and many other reasons. So under such circumstances undergoing a hair restoration procedure from an experienced cosmetic surgeon is a must. But finding such a surgeon among numerous other cosmetic surgeons who are Hyderabad based, may be really daunting. But patients who have once visited Inform Clinic in Hyderabad has recommended it to their friends and family. It is such a clinic that has a group of very experienced clinics for hair transplantation in Hyderabad. So it is probably the best choice for undergoing any hair restoration procedure.

Now, here are some of the valid reasons for choosing Inform clinic Hyderabad-

  • The clinic provides proven and affordable hair transplant techniques within Hyderabad.
  • The procedure is performed by well trained and experienced surgeons who only specialise in performing hair transplant procedure.
  • The surgeons provide the pre and post-operative instructions for customised cases to make sure that the patients do not have to experience any major complications during or after undergoing the procedure.
  • Hair transplant is a painless and easy hair transplant procedure that merely requires any hospitalisation.

Therefore, anyone in and around Hyderabad who is wishing to undergo a safe hair transplant procedure must select Inform clinic. The aim at providing the safest and affordable hair transplant procedure that can help the patients in achieving a head full of natural hairs.

Preparation before, on the day and after undergoing the procedure

After consulting with the surgeon about undergoing a hair transplant procedure, the surgeons usually provide with some pre-op instructions that are patients are instructed to follow. The patients are also asked to undergo a series of medical tests to verify their physical condition and to analyse if they are eligible for undergoing the procedure or not. The surgeons also revise the past medical record of the patients and then finally designs a plan. For patients who are undergoing a FUT hair transplantation procedure are instructed to keep 2-3 centimetres of hair before the surgery, to ensure that the stitches are made hidden. Additionally, some pre-medications may also be required for some patients. The patients are instructed to avoid taking drugs, alcohol consumption or even stop smoking few weeks before undergoing the procedure so that the patients do not experience any serious complications.

On the day of undergoing the procedure, the patients are instructed to reach the clinic before the reporting time. Since hair transplant is performed on an out-patient basis so patients are asked to bring an adult with them who can take care of them and drive home safely. The patients must not drive on the same day since the effects of anaesthesia may still linger. Most of the patients feel some discomfort immediately after undergoing the procedure and the pain can be felt when the anaesthesia effect wears off.

After undergoing the procedure, the scalp mostly remains sore and tender. To alleviate such discomfort the surgeon provides medications for pain, sleep ad some antibiotics for relieving while the recovery period. Most of the people are able to return back home on the same day. The surgeons provide numerous post-op instructions that cannot be missed to relish a complication free result. Some of the post-op instructions include sleeping with your head elevated, avoid taking shower, leading a healthy lifestyle, drinking plenty of water content, etc.

Procedure FAQs

Is Hair transplant surgery a safe procedure?

It is generally considered that the surgical procedures that are carried on under local anaesthesia are mostly a safe one. But as a matter of fact, no surgical procedure is completely complication free. Similarly, hair transplant being a hair restoration procedure also includes some minor risks that are temporary and self-resolving. The major complications can, however, be avoided by selecting a genuine trained and experienced surgeon and also by minutely following the post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon.

Is the hair transplant procedure painful?

According to most of the people, the hair transplant procedure is not at all painful especially because the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. However, after the completion of the surgery, the patients may feel some discomfort until the anaesthesia effect wears off. But estimating such circumstances, the surgeons usually provides their patients with some medications for pain.

When will the newly transplanted hair start growing?

Typically, the patients find the newly transplanted hairs to grow between three to five months of undergoing the surgical procedure. However, the results may still vary from person to person.

What is the cost of FUE hair transplant procedure?

The FUE hair transplant procedure is an expensive procedure because it is very time consuming and requires efficiency in completing the entire procedure. Thus the procedure demands more skilled and efficient surgeons and technicians so the service fee is naturally high. There are other factors too that affects the ultimate cost of the procedure like the number of hair grafts required, the location of the clinic,  other additional charges, etc. The hair transplant procedure is indeed a great investment which may not be affordable for everyone and since it is a cosmetic procedure so no insurance companies covers the cost of the surgery.

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