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Why choose Hyderabad for gynecomastia?

  1. Gynecomastia surgeons in Hyderabad are board certified which makes them capable enough to operate under different circumstances, knowledge and experience is what sets them apart. They have been operating for past one decade and till now all the surgeries are fortunately successful.
  2. Hyderabad is a little less polluted than other metro cities as there is a huge network of greenery which not only transmits positive energy but also helps to recover with little higher pace.
  3. Hyderabad is having the conformity with clinical environment with professional and ethical norms that helps in the treatment of patients where patient needs are prioritised in every aspect.
  4. Still, research shows that not all gardens are equally effective. Gardens should have a particular layout which help in patient recovery. these kinds of measures are followed in order to ensure a fast recovery after surgery.

Why choose Inform clinic for gynecomastia in Hyderabad?

  1. Clinic is specialized

Inform Clinics is specialized for multiple reasons, like greater focus, and effectiveness, disease prevention, post-recovery plans, diagnostic tests, and treatments with shorter hospital stay; the use of various non-invasive methods to enable fast recovery.

  1. Clinic is user-friendly

The clinic is more like a home away from home for patients, with friendly staff and large shops and restaurants nearby, patients and relatives can sit and wait. There are flexible visiting hours with no intervention. Relatives are encouraged to stay with the patients for additional support.

  1. Spacious room

Hospital rooms are well-lighted and spacious, and well equipped with all the facilities for the patients so as to progress steadily, the traditional one-size-fits-all philosophy is not implemented here and more of personal approach is followed.

  1. Staff members

Staff will be routinely present on the floor; staff monitors the floor at regular intervals to ensure that everything is fine. Staff will always be present, and patient care will not be neglected. Nursing assistants will be responsible for routine check-ups.

  1. The patients will be mobilized early

The clinic has sufficient beds to mobilize patients without any delay. Patients will be ambulated as soon as possible. As already listed, hospitals are very patient -friendly and encourage patients to walk around.

How much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Hyderabad?

The cost for Gynecomastia surgery may vary anywhere from Rs. 5,000 and may go up to Rs. 100,000 depends upon the severity of the case. Gynecomastia cost is widely discussed and is the huge concern for the patients. According to gynecomastia surgeons in Hyderabad, the best methods to analyse the cost are -

  1. Location

Location can reflect the overall impact on the cost of surgery, it depends on the cost of living at geographical locations

  1. Fee of the Cosmetic surgeon of Hyderabad

It is the most important factor for realizing the cost of surgery. If Surgeons are highly qualified and skilled with long experience can have substantially higher fees

  1. Nature of the surgery

The more complicated surgery higher the cost as more machines and additional staffs is required so the cost increases.

  1. Staff

To perform surgery is not the one-man show and it requires additional staff who need to be skilled and have the required experience to ensure that all things go well. Staff employment indirectly raises the cost of surgery

  1. Machines used

Machines need to be up to date and the techniques must be standardized every time. So, to ensure proper treatment and thereby the cost varies.

Cost-related Queries to gynecomastia

How much does the surgeon charge for the Gynecomastia surgery?

For the male breast reduction surgery in Hyderabad, the surgeon may charge about 5,000-100,000 ₹, but it may change from one surgeon to another.

Are there any other fees apart from these two?

Yes, general anaesthesia has to be included plus any additional medicines and charge for the compression garment.

So, before finalizing the deal, one must understand that Gynecomastia surgery is a cosmetic surgery and requires special surgeons with a specific set of skills. The gynecomastia surgeon in Hyderabad possess all the necessary skills to help you get desired results. In Some cases, patients may find the difference in cost but that can be due to various other reason within the same practice.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1.How long it takes to remove the stitches?

Generally, stitches will be removed one-week post-surgery, you must pay a regular trip to the doctor for a check-up (which is mandatory).

2.Does Gynecomastia surgery leave?

Yes, small scars usually remain after the skin is completely healed, due to this reason incisions are made in the less visible places, so they go unnoticed.

3.Is there a need for any specific diet post-surgery?

You must follow a healthful diet post-surgery or else there are high chances that you will gain additional chunks of weight which may spoil the look around the chest, so for at least two months post-surgery, healthy intake is necessary.

4.Will the results of surgery be permanent?

The growth of additional breast tissue in the chest results in this abnormality, so when the surgery is done generally the condition doesn't reverse, during the surgery, the incision is made under the chest area so as to remove the excess tissue manually. Therefore, there is no possibility of getting the man breast again. They’re gone forever. However, if you don’t follow a proper diet the condition can reverse.

5.Can genetics be the reason beyond man boobs?

Genetics can be one of the factors but not the only one. It can happen due to the usage of various recreational drugs, ageing, and use of various other steroids, or certain prescribed medicines.

6.It is it difficult to treat Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is curable you need not endure it for the lifetime. The treatment delivers good results. Male breast reduction surgery is the best way to get rid of that excess breast tissue and helps you provide a flat appearance to your chest.

7.Can creams or pills be helpful in treating gynecomastia?

Some companies try to market and capitalize the products like these creams and pills to deal with these type of body issues. They might mislead people into trying this, but they are generally not effective. The best way to remove excess breast tissue is by the surgery itself.

How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for gynecomastia Hyderabad?

Male breast surgery in Hyderabad¸ has always given excellent results, surgeons are skilled, have specialized training and experience. You need to have confidence in your cosmetic surgeon carefully and choose one who can perform the procedure with safety and ensure proper health is restored. Pay close attention to below-listed factors they are must while choosing a cosmetic surgeon for your male breast surgery:

1.Skill & Experience

Make sure your cosmetic surgeon has enough practice and perform regular male breast reduction surgeries. Ask how many surgeries he or she has done so far, if required ask for before and after surgery images of the patients, and make sure you are completely confident—this indicates that a cosmetic surgeon has got some aesthetic style which intersects with yours.

2.Board Certification in Cosmetic Surgery

Check for the certification and other relevant data, including liposuction, chest contouring, and other cosmetic surgery, certification will be relevant, and you will be surer as to the capability of the doctor.

3.Rapport with a Cosmetic Surgeon

you need to feel comfortable in the consultation with your cosmetic surgeon about all your queries, doubts and complications you may be facing.

4.Practo / Realself

There are many websites which provide you data of the doctor this rating, reviews from other patients, their experience. These websites are reliable and should be checked before proceeding further.

5.Discussion with other patients

Discussion with past patients will make you clearer regarding your choice of the surgeons. So, if possible approach past patients and discuss their experience at the clinic


The recovery time for gynecomastia surgery usually ranges between 4-6 weeks depending on how your body reacts. The first three days require total bed rest. To ensure that you do not interfere with the healing process, you need to rest immediately after the surgery you may experience slight pain and tightness in the area. This can be managed with painkillers and would cease to happen within a week. After 7-10 days post procedure, your stitches will be removed.

Post surgery swelling will occur but there are ways to manage it

  1. Hydration is key. so make sure that water intake is above average
  2. post-surgery days require additional care and a rich diet.
  3. compression garments are recommended for about 1-3 weeks. it is one of the most crucial elements for recovery. They will assist in reducing swelling and help to adjust skin for new contours

Under the assumption that everything will be fine there will be no complications, the general recommendations from gynecomastia surgeons of Hyderabad is to follow all post-surgery procedures to recover soon. Exercise and heavy lifting should be refrained for at least for 14 days.

Once you have hit the threshold you can begin with light exercise regime like walking or jogging. 3-5 weeks you can begin more intensive exercise but not of chest and shoulder. After 5-7weeks you may return to the normal exercise regime.

Journey So far

I am Swastik age 27. I was a healthy Kid, during my teenage years. I noticed an abnormal growth in my chest areas, bulging of my nipple area when I was 13 years old. I had a gone for a trip to the waterfall where I was in the awkward condition when the wet shirt got completely on my chest area leaving the bulge visible to the entire world, my classmates started with slight commenting but soon it turned into a long sequence coupled with awkwardness.

I thought its due to the heavyweight. I tried to lose those extra chunks but that to be no use, bulge near my Nipple area did not subside. There seem to be no option left, but to survive with this condition for the lifetime

I work as a financial consultant for a bank. Which requires good personality whereby than I was suffering from the issue of man boobs. which got me into uncomfortable zones and affected my performance. then I have suggested gynecomastia. I had a hard time to prepare myself for the surgery when I decided to give it a shot. surgeons at inform clinic helped me during the procedure and resolved all my doubts in a go.

I kept thinking for long about the aftermath of the surgery, whether it would welcome me into a new life of confidence and enhanced personality or it would lead me on old tracks of no confidence where the common thought lingered in everyone ’s, as someone who ate lot of junk and side effects are visible upon his body. You get an idea rite it was quite frustrating when I have to make a presentation and think 10-15 people in the room might be thinking what’s wrong with this guy chest area. it was the most disturbing thought. The terror was huge finally after surgery all my doubts were lashed out and I was happy to get the shape I wished.

I had Gynecomastia Surgery at an inform clinic and this is my story so far. I want to highlight that surgeons and the whole staff are supportive which helps you to cope up with the trauma.


What is gynecomastia? The answer is quite easy: It is the abnormality of the male breast with various feminine features. However, there is the grade of male breast swelling. In most cases, there are some symptoms associated with the breast swelling such as painfulness and presence of lumps. This is most common now as the consumption of various steroids and other such chemicals as increased which affects almost 70 % of the boys. Various foods such, as prescribed drugs, recreational drugs or illness cause this condition

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