Cosmetic Gynaecology

Cosmetic gynaecology (Vaginoplasty, Hymenoplasty)

Cosmetic gynaecology is a significant breakthrough in the cosmetic surgery that basically aims at empowering women by improving their overall genital appearance and structural veracity by creating a natural younger looking firm vagina. It is indeed, that cosmetic gynaecology which is a relatively new field of cosmetic and plastic surgical world. It is beneficial in improving the physical appearance, function of the vagina and labia. In many cases, both the goals are accomplished simultaneously. The results accomplished in cosmetic gynaecology helps the women in enjoying any physical and sexual activities. Undergoing such cosmetic procedure also helps in enhancing the self-esteem and overall quality of life among the many perks.

Childbearing trauma, the ageing process and other inherited abnormalities have an effect on more than just the appearance of the external female genitalia. It is capable of generating a positive impact physically and mentally as well. So, for cases of changes after childbirth and ageing, both the shape, size and tone of the female genitalia can be changed by undergoing vaginal tightening or labiaplasty or any other cosmetic gynaecology to improve the quality of life.


Cosmetic gynaecology mostly includes Hymenoplasty and Vaginoplasty. Any woman undergoing a Hymenoplasty is basically to tighten the hymen layer. The hymen is basically a thin membrane that is torn during first intercourse or due to other strenuous activities causing pain and bleeding. In Hymenoplasty, the hymen layer is restored so that candidates may feel confident during intercourse, thus increasing the higher chances of orgasm during sexual activities. The best part of the procedure is that it includes a very short recovery.

Whereas, vaginal rejuvenation helps in achieving tighter vagina that in turn helps to increase the sexual stimulation. Other than this, undergoing such a cosmetic procedure also helps in preventing premature urination especially for older women who may find leakage of some amount of urine while performing certain activities. The tighter the vaginal muscle, greater is its capacity to hold urine.

Surgical Procedure

Before beginning with the Hymenoplasty the surgeon discusses with the surgeon about the procedure and makes clear about the expectations. The surgeon will then provide with the possible treatment options. The treatment options for Hymenoplasty includes-

  • The basic technique where the remains of the hymen layer are stitched back together. The candidates are administered with local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia so that the patients do not experience any major pain and discomfort. The surgeon basically stitches up the torn parts together and makes stitches with dissolvable stitches. The entire procedure takes around 30 to 40 minutes for completion and the entire procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, so patients can return back home on the same day of undergoing the procedure.
  • The Hymenoplasty may also be performed by using an Alloplant technique. This technique is performed when the remnants cannot be stitched back together. The surgeon usually positions a biomaterial into the vagina, which is basically a tear-through material. This biomaterial is used as a replacement of the hymen layer. This entire procedure usually takes two hours for completion under local anaesthesia.
  • Hymen reconstruction is also a procedure where the surgeon uses a new hymen layer by utilising tissues from other parts of the body like the lip of the vagina. However, it is the pretty invasive procedure and the patients require abstaining from sexual intercourse for a minimum of three months.

Labiaplasty helps in addressing the shape and size of the labia or the folds of the skin that covers the opening of the vagina.  women may choose to undergo a Labiaplasty procedure to get rid of the excess in the vaginal area that may be a major cause of discomfort, especially when performing certain physical activities, wearing fitting clothes or when making love. So this cosmetic procedure helps in getting rid of the extra skin from both the sides of the labia and diminish the overall size of the labia. Women may also wish to undergo such a cosmetic procedure to rectify a prominent labial asymmetry.

The labiaplasty procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia, on an outpatient basis where the candidates can return home on the same day. The surgical procedure takes about two hours to complete and during this time, the surgeon shortens the vaginal lips with a special kind of scissors, a scalpel or with a laser. The exact position of the incisions depends on various factors like structure, quality and proportions of the labia. The outer portion that is the labia majora can also be reduced with either surgery or liposuction which helps in increasing of the sexual stimulation. Finally, at the end of the procedure, the incisions are sutured up with dissolvable stitches.


Immediately after undergoing a Hymenoplasty procedure, the patients are sent to the recovery room after completion of the treatment. Any complication related to the procedure is rare and they can usually resume work after 3 to 4 days of undergoing the procedure. But the surgeons typically instruct their patients to begin normal to moderate activities after ten days of undergoing the procedure. Vigorous activities can be resumed around 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure. The patients are provided with some post-op instructions that the patients must follow properly to enjoy a complication free result. The surgeon usually instructs to keep the treated area clean and antibiotic is also applied to prevent any infection. Cold and warm compress may also be used in the area of treatment to alleviate any chances of infection and also to reduce the pain and swelling. Patients are usually allowed to take bath after 2-3 days of undergoing the procedure and they need to abstain from sexual activities for about 8 weeks after following the surgery.

Immediately after undergoing a Labiaplasty procedure, the candidates are not able to have sexual intercourse for about a month or so. The newly treated area will be tender, painful and swollen for next few weeks. Some of the patients may also experience some bruising in the treated area. The surgeons mostly prescribe some oral medications to the patients to alleviate pain, discomfort and also some antibiotics to reduce the chances of any infections. Surgeons usually instruct their patients to avoid any strenuous activities for more three weeks or more after undergoing the surgery. Using tampons is completely restricted for minimum 10 days after following the surgical procedure. Patients may probably have to wear a pad for a week due to some postsurgical bleeding.


Even though for the majority of people, undergoing a Hymenoplasty and labiaplasty procedure may improve the quality of their life, but for some women, it may also help in creating discomfort in continuing certain sexual activities. Due to the presence of hymen layer some women may also find it difficult in not receiving any pleasure during the intercourse as a result of Hymenoplasty. Additionally, there are many people who cannot afford the procedure and no insurance covers the price of both the procedures. The potential side effect of Hymenoplasty is swelling, bruising, accumulation of blood (hematoma), seroma, numbness or changes in sensation, etc. However, most of the side effects are minor and do not last for long. Just like no surgical procedure is completely safe, so labiaplasty also involves some temporary side effect of infection, bleeding, temporary numbness, pain, sexual discomfort, etc.

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Preparing before, on the day and after undergoing the procedure

After deciding to undergo any such procedure, the first and foremost thing is to find a suitable surgeon. A surgeon who is well trained, experienced and most importantly it is very important to find such surgeon with whom the patient can share all the problems comfortably. During the consultation, the surgeon verifies the medical history of their patients and finds out if they are eligible for undergoing the procedure. The patients are also provided with some pre-op instructions that the patients must follow to avoid any major complications. It is always best to quit smoking and alcohol consumption for at least a week before undergoing the surgical procedure. Certain medications like aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinning medications may also be avoided to reduce the chances of bleeding during the procedure. Other than this, certain herbal remedies like vitamin E, omega-3-fatty acids, green tea, etc. must also be avoided since they may increase the chances of bleeding during and after undergoing the surgery. The patient is also instructed to avoid sexual activities on the night before undergoing such procedure.

On the day of undergoing the surgical procedure, the candidates are first of all analysed and then made ready to undergo the surgical procedure. They are then mostly administered with local anaesthesia to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with the procedure. The surgery is carried on meticulously and at the end of the procedure, the incisions are sutured up. The patients are then kept under observation to verify the recovery and then if found safe are allowed to leave home on the same day. Before leaving the clinic, the surgeons provide a set of rule and some medications to alleviate the discomfort and also to reduce the chances of any pain or infection in the treated area.

Immediately after undergoing the procedure, the patients experience some pain, bruising swelling, bleeding, changes in sensation and another discomfort. To alleviate such conditions, the surgeons provide the patients with some post-op instruction and medications. The patients are restricted in performing certain vigorous exercising, performing sexual activities, etc.

Procedure FAQ

How long must the candidates wait after pregnancy, before undergoing any cosmetic Gynaecology?

It is mostly recommended to mothers to wait for a minimum of three months after overcoming pregnancy. However, recovery speed may not be same for all, so patients must always discuss certain things with the surgeon first.

Can Vaginoplasty be combined with any other procedure?

Vaginoplasty is mostly performed alone but it may also be performed in combination with other cosmetic procedures. In majority cases, Vaginoplasty may be combined with Labiaplasty procedure where both the inner and outer lips of the vagina are diminished in size and may also be reconstructed if required.

What is the cost of such cosmetic Gynaecology?

The exact cost of either of the procedures cannot be assessed. But the total cost of such cosmetic procedure generally includes various factors like condition of the female genital, appearance desired, skin laxity, the experience of the surgeon, geographic location of the clinic, anaesthesia fees, etc.

Who are considered suitable candidates to undergo such cosmetic procedures?

The Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty procedures basically aim at improving the overall skin quality and vaginal tightness to support the vagina. So candidates who wish to undergo such cosmetic procedures are those women who wish to enhance the appearance of external genitalia, improve self-esteem, etc. Women not only undergo the procedure to address aesthetic issues but also to rectify certain urinary stress incontinence or leakage of urine during coughing, sneezing, etc.

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