Closed Rhinoplasty or Open Rhinoplasty- Which Technique Suits Your Needs

Closed Rhinoplasty or Open Rhinoplasty- Which Technique Suits Your Needs

Rhinoplasty is referred to as cosmetic surgery for the nose, in alternative words, a nose job. You can get this procedure done whether or not you desire a tinier nose, wish any protuberances eliminated or if you want a better outlined nose tip. On fixing the nasal anatomy, the appearance of the nose and therefore the face on a whole can be greatly modified. Rhinoplasty is classified into: open and closed. These are just medical terms for the technique your chosen specialist applies while operating on the nose to modify it. Each of these two types of surgeries have their own sets of risks and advantages which need to be contemplated before scheduling your cosmetic surgery. It is of uttermost importance to inform yourself about the details of these two methods to settle on an adept choice related to your exterior looks and wellbeing.

Just as each patient is totally different, each nose is different, the surgery prerequisites for each nose will also vary. This procedure is done to alter the configuration, measurements or reposition the nose so that it can accompany the rest of the face better.

The fundamental difference between open and closed rhinoplasty is the necessity of an entry point on the area between the nostrils, otherwise known as columella during open rhinoplasty. No such incision is required in closed rhinoplasty. ny incisions are in the interiors of the nose and hence there is no discernable scar. For this reason, this technique is also referred to as endonasal rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasties are aften referred to as external rhinoplasty. Although it may seem like there is little difference between the two, the incision notably modifies how the surgery is undertaken. The incision to the columella in the open rhinoplasty grants the surgeon a greater degree of access to the interior, giving the surgeon a better display of the framework of the nose and expands the simplicity of the surgery on the nose for the surgeon. During open rhinoplasty, the surgeon is permitted to peel back the exterior skin and hence the surgeon receives an unobstructed, unhampered view of the nose, permitting a higher degree of control and precision to the surgeon while playing out the surgery. Open rhinoplasty sounds comparatively more traumatic, thanks to the necessity of an exterior incision, however as it is the case with majority of cosmetic procedures, the method would have to be judged by its outcomes. Open rhinoplasties though more invasive offer enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Closed rhinoplasty, on the other hand is the preferable technique for individuals that require a smaller level of amendment. Due to the lack of an external incision on the columella, perceivability of the interior aspect of the nose is highly diminished while operating.

About The Surgery

Prior to the surgery, a consultation session with the surgeon is required to give the surgeon a better idea about your existing medical history and the surgeon will do any preoperative procedures to prepare the patient for the cosmetic surgery. This session will also facilitate the patient to be better informed on the details of the procedure. For sedation, either general or local anaesthesia will be administered to the patient as per his or her requirements. After this, the surgeon carries on with the general rhinoplasty procedure consisting of steps resulting in the alteration of the anatomy of the nose. Generally, these procedures can take upto 1-4 hours based on how elaborate the issue is. Open rhinoplasties generally take longer than closed rhinoplasties since closed rhinoplasties are generally undertaken for minor alterations to the nose. The only difference between the two is the columellar incision in open rhinoplasty alongside a longer recovery period which can be expected since it is for more complex issues.

The top four countries with leading amount of rhinoplasties are Brazil, Mexico, America and Iran with Brazil topping the charts with over 77,000 surgeries. According to statistics, the number of females opting for a rhinoplasty are close to 2.5 fold that of men opting for a rhinoplasty. The age group most susceptible to get a rhinoplasty done is between 19-50.


Some pain and swelling on the operated area is anticipated at the end of the cosmetic surgery. This pain is easily taken care of with the assistance of oral painkillers. Any pain is normally seen to disappear within 3-4 days of the surgery. Open rhinoplasties are expected to have an extended recovery period and more swelling along with a scar. The reason for a longer recovery time is majorly due to the more extensive amount of alteration to the nasal anatomy, and not attributable to the incision. If the surgery is performed well, the scar will be minimally visible and will be nearly invisible with time. To assist with better camouflaging of the scar, the incision is made in a zig zag pattern rather than a straight line pattern. Even though in the history of cosmetic procedures, surgeons have been more drawn to the lesser invasive methods of surgery, it is in contrast with the trends of rhinoplasty technique preferences.


The cost of a rhinoplasty fluctuates in various nations and also varies due to a set of factors. The cost is higher for open rhinoplasty if compared with closed rhinoplasty due to the undeniable reason that the extent of modification, time taken for the surgery and difficulty level is higher.

A nose is vital to a well-defined face. In the event that you are simply not content with shape, size, proportion, or symmetry of your nose, a Rhinoplasty is the way to go. A Rhinoplasty eventually upgrades the nose both aesthetically and functionally. Surgeons can typically adopt one technique or the other supported by their medical expertise on the subject as well as the patient’s requirements. Hence, knowledge on the difference between the two techniques- open and closed rhinoplasty would aid an individual to make an informed decision regarding which procedure to opt for. Both, open and closed rhinoplasty have their own sets of benefits and risks who will debate on their preferred technique. However, open rhinoplasty is currently the more prevalent strategy and is the technique instructed to medicine students everywhere throughout the world.

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