Shape Your Chin

Mentoplasty is referred to as chin surgery that encompasses in changing the shape of the chin either by shaping up a bone or moving a bone forward. Surgeons may also prefer the use of a chin implant that can rebuild a poorly shaped chin. A chin surgery can add definition to the jaw and bring proportion to the appearance of the face.

The procedure gives a pleasing and satisfactory result and also helps to enhance the appearance of the face. However, to achieve a satisfactory result from the surgery, the patients must also keep realistic expectations from the surgery by discussing their target and desires with their surgeon.

Candidates for Chin Implants

  1. People who intend to correct recessed, pointed or squared chin, prominent nose or a double chin.
  2. Candidates must be in a good health with no serious health issues like high blood pressure or heart diseases.
  3. People taking several blood thinning medications are suggested to stop taking medication before undergoing the procedure.

Reshape Your Chin

  1. Using Chin implants- The most common method of reshaping your chin is by using tiny little chin implants made of silicone. These implants look more like a chin guard used in sports activities. However, in most of the times, surgeons have to cut the implant to make it suitable for customized use. Once the implant is placed properly under the skin, it gives a much more natural appearance.

Chin Augmentation may also be performed by moving the chin bone forward.

  1. Chin Reduction may also be performed, in which the surgeon reshapes the protruding chin bone.

General chin surgery instructions:

  • The surgery in most of the cases is performed on an outpatient basis
  • The surgeon may require 45 minutes to one hour to complete the chin Augmentation procedure
  • Chin Augmentation using implants can either be performed under local or general anesthesia
  • The incisions are made under the chin or inside the mouth between gum and lower lip for no visible scarring
  • The incisions made in the mouth are dissolvable and will get dissolved within 10 days and the sutures outside the mouth are approximately removed after 10 days too

Chin Implant Complications

Complications in chin implant surgery are rare but they may occur. Bruising and swelling are the most common complications of this procedure. Other complications may include relocation of the implant which will definitely need a revised surgery. Infection and numbness may also be the possible side effect of chin surgery.

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