Cellina – ultra fractionated RF

Cellina – ultra fractionated RF

Cellina fractional RF is useful for minimum invasive epidermal rejuvenation. The RF energy does not target the pigment-making cells in the skin. Rather it cures and improves the wrinkles, scar, and also helps to rejuvenate and tighten the skin safely and efficiently.  Cellina is thus specially designed especially for delivering the RF energy directly to the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin which stimulates and remodels the collagen. It can both be used for epidermal or dermal application in one platform without changing any such operational environment. The skin type does not really matter, it can easily penetrate the target area with minimal risk or any complications.

The working mechanism of Celina

The fractional RF had piece creates microthermal zones which leaves behind the healthy skin and helps in rapid healing. The system not only delivers the RF energy deeper but it also allows the removal of the damaged skin cells. It helps in resurfacing the superficial skin layers and treat mild to moderate wrinkles or other textural irregularities like red and brown spots.

The volumetric deep dermal heating, when applied on the collagen fibers, cause an immediate long-term skin lightening effect. This result, of a combined effect, provides the best optimal result by noticeably tightening the skin in the face, neck, etc.

Benefits of Cellina fractional RF

  • It has a dual fractional RF mode
  • Effective for treatment of both the dermis and the epidermis
  • Suitable for any skin type
  • Even people with dark skin tone can be treated without involving any risk.The downtime is minimal
  • The amount of pain involved is also minimum
  • Bipolar and monopolar options are also available

What to expect after undergoing the procedure?

After undergoing the treatment, slight redness or swelling may persist up to 24 hours of the treatment. However, the patients may conceal the redness of the treated area with makeup. The desirable results cannot be achieved after just one treatment, three to five sessions at an interval of 6 weeks would be enough to accomplish the best results.

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