During pregnancy, the abdominal wall undergoes significant changes. To make space for the developing baby in the uterus. The abdominal walls expand and give rise to the new skin. After a cesarean section or C-section, the baby is delivered and then the abdominal walls slowly shrink over time. No matter how much exercise or weight loss regimes a mother undergoes, the stretched skin will neither go away and nor appear stretched as before. This unevenness of the skin can lead to skin irritation, improper fitting of clothes, and ultimately gives an unpleasant aesthetic appearance.

However, cosmetic surgeries can effectively reduce the appearance of scars and can provide a better contour to the skin flaps of the abdominal areas. Sutures in layers won’t allow the skin to hang up and Liposuction can be utilized to improve the contour of the C-section scars area as well.

Treatment Options for C-section Scar Revision

  1. Scar revision- The C-section scar revision is a procedure that aims at improving the scar itself by excising out the scar and removing it. The scar is then repaired in multiple layers with minute plastic surgery stitches. The final result achieved is a  flat and thinner scar without any depression or ledge. Often surgeons may also remove the extra skin around the scars to improve the lower abdominal area. However, in this procedure, no muscles are tightened. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the recovery period involved is also short.
  2. Mini Tummy Tuck- This is a surgical procedure that can help the stomach and abdominal area to look better along with diminishing the scars. Most of the women experience muscle weakness, loose skin and stretch marks after pregnancy. The mini tummy tuck procedure encompasses liposuction and muscle tightening to achieve a tighter and youthful appearance of the stomach. Horizontal C-section scars are usually treated with this procedure.


  1. Full Tummy Tuck- This one is a conventional and popular Tummy Tuck procedure. Abdominoplasty is the best option for women, as the procedure encompasses improving the stomach and scar after pregnancy. The surgical procedure involves the removal of most of the loose skin and tissues to achieve a flat contoured abdomen. Liposuction or lipo-sculpting may also be performed to contour the surrounding areas and sides to improve the body contour.  Vertically depressed scars can be addressed using this procedure.

However, patients who might undergo a C-section scar revision must consult with any proficient surgeon to make sure which option would be perfect for them, as individual patients have specific problems.

Fast Facts on C-section Scar Revision

  • The C-section scar revision procedure is not as painful as a full Tummy Tuck. However, the patients may experience some minor discomfort which can be managed with pain medications.
  • Recovering from scar revision may take a week or 10 days and 2 weeks for a tummy tuck.
  • The improvements will be noticeable immediately after the surgery but the final results will be visible within 6 weeks to 3 months.
  • Women are recommended to undergo the procedure after completing 6 months or a year after their pregnancy or have completed the breastfeeding.

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