Buttocks Augmentation

Shape Your Buttocks

A shaped and perky buttock makes one look more appealing and attractive. Buttock Augmentation is one of the cosmetic surgery that is useful in reshaping the buttocks and the gluteal area. The procedure encompasses, an uplifted and improved shaped buttock that will help to change the appearance of the rear portion of the body. For the last few years, the Buttock Augmentation procedure has become popular around the globe. Buttock Augmentation can be performed by using body’s own fat or through implants.

When Can You Consider Buttock Augmentation?

  1. Any candidate who keeps realistic expectation from the butt augmentation procedure can be considered.
  2. Any adult with a full grown but can be considered for the procedure.
  3. For people who have small or flat buttocks, can opt for the procedure.
  4. Abrupt weight loss or aging have aged your buttock then you are perfect for this procedure.
  5. Anyone interested in undergoing the procedure must obviously have a stable weight and must be in a good physical condition.
  6. People with serious health issues are not recommended for this procedure.

Pros and Cons of the Butt Augmentation Procedure


  • The final results can make you feel much more confident and give you a better fit into clothes
  • Your body will gain a proportional curvy and round buttock
  • The buttocks will become rounder, firmer and uplifted giving you a youthful and rejuvenating appearance


  • If Butt Augmentation is done using implants then there may be a chance for the implants to slip off creating a disturbance
  • Butt Augmentation if performed through fat transfer, can cause the fats to die or get absorbed in the body and that may give rise to asymmetry of the butt cheeks
  • For lean people, they are left only with one option and that is augmentation through implants

Buttock Augmentation Procedure

Buttock Augmentation can be performed by two methods- by fat transfer and through buttock implants.

By fat transfer- This procedure encompasses collecting fats from areas of the body and then injecting the fat equally in layers, into the buttocks to reshape it and enhance it aesthetically.

  • Liposuction of the fatty tissues with the help of a cannula from areas with extra fatty tissues such as abdomen, hips, backs, thighs
  • The collected fat is then processed and centrifuged
  • Then the fat is injected into the buttocks form syringes through a cannula via three incisions. These incisions get hidden within any clothing
  • The fats are injected into the body with a back and forth direction of the cannula to ensure smooth even layers of fats
  • The areas where liposuction is performed are sutured
  • The compression garment is provided after the surgery to enhance recovery and reduce the pain and swelling

Buttock implants- Implants are the best to treat poorly shaped buttocks and for people who have the least amount of fatty tissues in their body. Moreover, sagging buttocks can only be reconstructed with the use of implants.

  • The procedure is generally performed under general anesthesia or your surgeon may provide the best option for you
  • At the beginning of the procedure, incisions are made on the upper part of the butt cheeks or towards the bottom at the junction of the gluteal crease, in-between both the cheeks
  • Then the silicone implant which is not like those breast implants is inserted in or above the muscles of the gluteal crease. The technique by which the implants can be inserted totally depends on the desired degree of augmentation and your surgeon’s recommendations
  • After inserting the implants the incisions are stitched up carefully and then held tight with surgical tape

In most cases, surgeons preferably perform a combination of buttock implant insertion along with fat transfer to achieve the best-desired results of Butt Augmentation.

The results of the procedure can be visible immediately after the procedure. But to experience the ultimate result you might have to wait until the swelling and bruising reduces. The surgical scars will be visible even after the recovery but those usually fade away with time. However, the best part is that the results are permanent.

Aftercare and Recovery

Blood and other fluids may drain out for several weeks after the procedure. A compression garment is provided for the patient immediately after the surgery to reduce the swelling and bruising. However, surgeons provide a set of instructions to the patient that must be followed to avoid the chances complications and side effects. Normal activities can be resumed after three weeks and exercises after six to eight weeks.

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