Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Beautiful and contoured breasts are the desire of every woman. Shape, size and firmness of breasts dictate the attractiveness according to woman’s and therefore, an absence of proper size serves as a hindrance to a woman's self-esteem and confidence. The issues with breast contour make woman uncomfortable discussing with others but need not worry this platform we are trying to resolve all your queries. Breast surgery implants offer the permanent and best solution to women to encounter this issue and march into their new life with confidence. Breast surgery follows the same lines so for the explanation purpose breast augmentation is taken to discuss the entire procedure.

Why choose to inform clinic for Breast surgery in Hyderabad?

1.Integrated staff
It is necessary to have a staff which has the relevant expertise to deal with the situation.  Staff at Inform clinic possess the best of knowledge combined with necessary experience which can assist patients in ensuring their well-being with a high degree of safety.

2.Expertise and competence
Staff at inform clinic possess skills in their respective fields and have brilliant diagnostic and communication skills, they are always motivated to help people. The team comprises of the following: medical specialist, biological dentists, naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, stress management and lifestyle coaches. Expertise is important as it is necessary to make the informed decision at the right time.

3.Health education
An inform clinic has excellent communicating procedure as it’s the matter of health and must be taken seriously. Patients need to access themselves. carefully, their needs, options, choices and steps to ensure better state of health.

4.Personalized care
Inform clinic does not treat diseases but addresses the issue in totality. Considering all the responsible factors such as genetics, childhood history, past health issues, test reports, personality that can help in the treatment

5.Healing environment
A healing environment is must to recover, especially if you are suffering from a life-threatening disease. Any sort of stressful and impersonal environment is going to be an obstacle in the recovery phase. Inform clinic offers a friendly atmosphere to ensure the quick recovery. The physical environment of clinics such as colours are conducive to healing and contributes nothing to stress. Aesthetic and natural beauty works for the all over upliftment of spirit and soul of the patient, enabling the brain and immune system to function effectively.

6.Healing relationships
The team of doctors and practitioners should communicate with each other to chart out proper plans for the betterment of the patients. A seriously ill patient is quite vulnerable and there arises the need for proper care on every end. Cooperation, care, collaborative teamwork is crucial in creating an atmosphere of hope and healing.

7.Organized and purposeful
Inform clinic is very well managed and organized. Every staff member follows the same vision, mission and team plan for the betterment of the patient. Every staff is working on the common path. They are organized and efficiently manage which leaves the little scope of any sort of confusion. For the patient, every step should flow out smoothly.

Why you should choose to do Breast Surgery in Hyderabad

  1. Hyderabad as a Fixed transit
    Fixed transit enables quick commute. It is easy to get around on foot in Hyderabad as everything important is relatively available and for other needs, there is the availability of fixed commute. Hyderabad is an example of a healthy walking city. It is very convenient to get around without your personal car as the commute system is very smooth.
  2. Accommodation availability
    Hyderabad has developed a lot in the past one decade. This leads to people moving and finding the better place to live as it can be an important point when a patient is out of Hyderabad.
  3. Large or small public gardens at all significant intersections
    Hyderabad is famous for the dense population of trees spread all over the city. natural air is necessary for the patient and the availability of gardens helps in safeguarding proper and timely recovery. Gardens are places to meet and mingle with new people. A compassionate glace or nod from the stranger creates positive vibes in the already gloomy world of sickness.  Helping each other, tasting life together, creates the better ambience for the city
  4. Existence of different culture
    Hyderabad welcomes people with open arms, where no person is stranger to this beautiful city. There is a collection of people coming from every walk of life and mingling together to help each other and walk hand in hand. stability is best for a city, but an influx and the managed outflux is equally vital.
  5. Different modes of transport
    freight and passenger rail depots are quite up to date in Hyderabad. Making different transportation to work together is a great challenge in 21st Century. Transport facilities in Hyderabad are in a good quality and ensure the proper transit for patients to travel with ease and comfort. This allows seamless connections and transfers of people under a hassle-free atmosphere

Surgery Procedure in Hyderabad

Surgical Consultation
Before surgery, you will have a brief consultation with your surgeon. Be prepared to resolve every query you have to ask relevant questions about surgeon’s past surgeries experience. The surgeon will accordingly decide upon whether you are a good candidate for breast implants or require any sort of other implants depending upon the size, shape, surface texture, and placement based on your circumstances, and the risk involved. Ask for before and after photos of patients who in past have undergone surgery

Discussion of the past medical history
you may have to discuss your past medical history, including any medical conditions or an allergy you may have. Any previous surgeries, especially to the breast and the drugs taken or any other supplements is discussed.

Reasons if any personal
If the reason beyond breast implant surgery is reconstruction then you have to discuss every personal circumstance, including every therapy you have undergone till date, as these can cast risks upon the appearance of the reconstructed breast. The amount of breast tissue to be used and implant ruptures are discussed in detail. It is recommended that you should be aware of all these terms. So, as to enable you to take an informed decision.

Before Surgery
Your surgeon may instruct you to have a mammogram or breast X-rays before surgery to amylase any sort of abnormality and so the surgeon has a preoperative image of your breast tissue prior to surgery.
You may be recommended not to eat or drink anything the night before surgery. wear loose clothing, brassiere which isn’t having any underwire, is required after. If you are planning to return on the day of the surgery, arrange for a comfortable vehicular service

During Surgery
anaesthesia would be the first step taken slide incision (cut) is made in one of the following areas:

  • along the underside of your breast (inframammary)
  • under your arm (trans axillary)
  • around the nipple (periareolar)
  • through the mastectomy scar (for reconstruction)

After Surgery
After surgery, you will be given a recovery plan. Your breasts will be wrapped in gauze.
Your cosmetic surgeon should suggest surgery recovery process to avoid any sort of complication, the possible complications that may occur, and the recovery period. Following the operation, as with any surgery, you can expect some sort of pain, and swelling, the effects may last for some month more than usual but would disappear with time.

Average cost of breast surgery Hyderabad

The average cost of breast augmentation surgery in Hyderabad ranges from 30000 – 100000 Fees for cosmetic plastic surgery depends upon various factors. Costs may vary widely depends widely upon the complication faced during the surgery and the requirements of any additional manpower required.

In some case of breast reduction, if the breast is quite heavy and causes pain or any further problem in performing normal activities. Never choose a doctor solely due to lower cost brackets because this may interfere with the effectiveness of the operation, choose the doctor with whom you are comfortable and can entirely trust. The average surgeon fees may differ with the procedure, and exclude any sort of surgical facility, anaesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, compression garments or any other cost which may vary from place to place.

Why choose our clinic for breast surgery in Hyderabad?

There are many factors to be kept in mind while choosing a cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. Qualifications are for everyone to legally perform breast surgery, but the board-certified plastic surgeon is the safest option that provides proven safe results. It's recommended going for multiple consultations before selecting your surgeon.

The following checklist will help you make the most suitable choice in terms of cost and other factors to choose the best cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad:

  1. Check for qualifications
    Board certification is necessary as suggested by the cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad. As with qualifications comes the assurance that the respective surgeon is trained enough for the procedure and you can rely on the competence of the surgeon.
  2. Additional staff facility
    To perform surgery is not a one-man battle. Additional staff is required for the success of the procedure. You need to know about proper accreditation, their qualification matters as their expertise are necessary for the success of the procedure.
  3. Post-surgery appearance
    When giving the final shot for breast augmentation at Hyderabad, the most important thought is to consider post-surgery images. Try to analyse the post-surgery images of the patients who have already undergone surgery. if you are satisfied then you can give it a final shot. beware of all the fake images that are in circulation only to entice you.

Recovery time

Breast augmentation recovery follows some predictable stages. At the mention stages breasts are tight, swollen, and slightly painful. Over the next seven weeks, there can be a significant amount of settling. By the end of the third months, almost 95% of swelling must have resolved, and the breast would start to look more natural and soft with slender shape

The recovery chart proceeds as given below

Days 1- 4: during these days Swelling, pain, discomfort will be bit high where you need to take additional care through extra medication. Bruising may appear, and Fluid retention is quite common.

Days 5 -7: now you can take a shower. There is a probability of constipation due to an intake of meds. Pain tends to be on higher side due to submuscular placement. It is recommended by the cosmetic surgeons to proceed with gentle breast massages as this will slightly ease the pain.

Day 7-10: slight bleeding can be the initial signs of any sort of infection so look out for it. During this stage, your external sutures will be removed. If there is been any use of tissue glue or tape so they will eventually fall out.

Days 11 to 21: your physical activity will slightly increase as the pain will subside. you can start your normal exercise regime which should not be very harsh. during this time, a Clear majority of swelling begins to subside. Occasional pain will be your regular visitor at night.

Days 22 to 42: at this stage, the wounds will start to heal, and the general medication as prescribed by the Surgeon. you can start all the physical activities as all the additional pain would have diminished.

Day 43 to 9 Months: Progressive reduction of scar tissue and moderating of the initially firm consequences. Resolution of the remaining 5 to 10% of swelling.

It is necessary that you should follow the surgeon's post-op instructions carefully. Your surgeon will explain the possible symptoms which you can expect. If you think you’re experiencing something abnormal immediately call for a surgeon.

Faqs on breast surgery

After breast surgery where will the scars be? 

Incisions may be visible at several places like the fold below your breast, around the nipple area, or the armpit. The incision is usually determined by various factors, for instance, your body structure, any specific preference by the surgeons or any additional consideration from your side to proceed with more than one procedures such as breast lift.Typically the incision is under the fold of breast which cast a deep shadow and mostly not visible.

How often do I need to change my implants?

Many people are under the myth that implants need to be replaced consistently within the frequency of five, seven or ten years. However, this is not a complete information, if your implants are just coming out to be fine you need not replace it. The most typical reason beyond replacing breast implants is the wish to realter the size of the breast.

How many day post-surgery I can fly? 

For at least a week you need to have a proper rest so as to avoid any post-surgery complication from cropping up. Have consistent follow-up appointments with your surgeons. However, safe flight with no hush can be opted but make sure that everything is smoothly planned otherwise it could lead to serious complication.

Is it normal to hear crackling sounds post-surgery? When will it stop?

Do not panic in this sort of a situation. These squealing and growling noises are due to bubbles build inside the implant pocket, or when the implant is settling in. Wait for few weeks. Although the noise may be disturbing, this condition is quite a normal following post-surgery and it will fade with time.

Why sex has to be avoided post-surgery?

According to cosmetic surgeons at Hyderabad, sex has to be avoided for at least two weeks. They quoted.“We don’t want your blood pressure rising so rapidly, as that might lead to a rush of blood collection around the implant area called a hematoma. After two weeks too sex should be approached carefully so as to avoid movements that can dislodge the placement of the implant which can lead to various avoidable issues.”

How to determine my breast implants size?

The size of implants depends upon various factors, including your ultimate preference for the size, your individual frame. For instance, when the similar size of bra or even a T-shirt may fit two different individuals although having completely different chest size and shape. Same goes with implants when the same size of implants can look completely different from patient to patient. During the consultation face, the patient needs to discuss all the queries thoroughly with the surgeon so as to choose the perfect size for the implant.

Is breast implant a solution to lift sagging breast?

A moderate breast lift can be done by the placement of breast implants. The degree of lift is quite variable and cannot be accurately determined but mostly individual characteristics and the stretch of a woman’s skin and the size of the implant chosen to be placed are the factors which will contribute in the breast lift. As confirmed by the cosmetic surgeons at Hyderabad.

Patient testimonial related to breast surgery Hyderabad

I am Sahiba 27 years old. I have undergone a breast reduction surgery from the inform clinic. it was on the Best experience of my life of 27 years! doctors guided me well and I was fortunate enough that before surgery I was cent percent confidence that all my doubts are resolved. He helped me in every step on this journey! He was very professional, and he understood the insecurities I might be going through, I always felt welcomed and was comfortable for the entire time! The staff at the inform clinic is very friendly and easy to deal with that smoothens the journey, all the doubts are addressed. I am so glad that I took this decision of giving a shot to inform clinic from the phelotra of other options available I wouldn't recommend any other clinic or hospital !!! post-surgery I got the slender shape I desired for so long. My confidence was skyrocketing. finally, all those fragile little tops which due to heavy breast size I could not wear I flaunted them with confidence.

I should say the journey was made easy with the help of Inform clinic.

Thanks, inform clinic

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