Breast Reduction to Ease Back Pain

Breast Reduction to Ease Back Pain

Does Breast Reduction Trim Down Back Pain?

Did you know having large breasts can be a reason for women to have a back pain? Yes, it is true that many women especially in mid or later age get pain due to their large breast size. The large breasts sag with age and it adds pressure to neck, shoulders, and back due to gravity.

Well, there is nothing to worry about as there are means available to correct this issue. Exercise can be one of the options, but it is not a permanent solution to the problem. Through breast reduction surgery, one can permanently get rid of back pain which results due to large breasts.

Why is Breast Reduction the Best Way to Reduce Back Pain?

To gain stability, heavy breasts create an immense pressure on the spinal cord The muscle of the neck and shoulders undergoes abnormal pressure and inflammation of these stressed up muscle ends up causing pain. As a result, this ends up causing pain in the back.

As mentioned earlier, exercises can bring some relief, however for a permanent one needs to opt for breast reduction. Breast reduction is also known as mammoplasty. During mammoplasty, extra fat, tissues are removed very carefully, making the breast lightweight, petite and compact.

How does a Non-surgical Technique Work?

A non-surgical technique includes exercise, reduction bras, and diet control to decrease the breast size. While this may work for one, but may not be applicable for everyone. Rather, there are a few cases that get benefited with these methods.

Exercises will only work if breasts have a large amount of fat. But if the breasts contain a lot of glandular tissues then exercises and diets will not be enough. The only rescuer will be a breast reduction surgery.

Know about the side effects of breast reduction or mammoplasty:

It is very important to get the surgery done from a reputed and experienced doctor. The experience and skill of a surgeon significantly reduce the risks associated with the surgery Like any other surgery, some of the side effects patients may experience are as follows:

  • Scars are one of the side effects of the breast reduction procedure. This scar is mostly of anchor shaped and is often called anchor scar.
  • The breasts or nipples end up being irregular and deformed. This may require a corrective surgery.
  • Breastfeeding will no more be possible after this surgery because of the removal of maximum glandular tissues.
  • Low to zero sensitivity in the breasts.

Research also says that not everyone will undergo severe side effects. Only 10 percent women face adverse side effects. Therefore, it is safe and nothing to worry about.

The best candidates who can get a breast reduction surgery:

It has been noticed that women with breast size DD or even larger than that more likely to suffer from back pain. And plastic surgeons refer such patients for the surgery.

The procedure of the surgery:

  • The patient will be provided with inter-venous tranquilizer or anesthesia before the surgery.
  • Minute incisions will be made on the breasts to remove the fats, tissues, and glands which will reduce the breast size.
  • Post op the breasts will be bandaged and left for recovery with medications. Also, a supporting bra might be provided basing on your condition to reduce your discomfort.

Points not to miss:

  • It is really imperative to find out the actual cause of the back pain you are suffering from.
  • Go to a doctor and find out the actual cause behind your pain because not always back pains are caused due to heavy breasts.
  • Be careful about the instructions are given by your surgeon and try to follow them minutely to achieve best results.


Now say bye-bye to your back pain and start practicing a pain-free better life!

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