Breast Lift

Breast Lift

With age, our skin tends to lose some of its natural elasticity and becomes loose and sagging. This results in a noticeable change in the appearance of their breasts. women with smaller breasts may not be able to experience this struggle with larger breasts and however, their breasts may slightly droop downwards. But women with larger breasts mostly experience that their breasts have started sagging and gradually alter its shape.

Fortunately, the plastic surgery offers a potentially ideal solution in the form of breast lift surgery. The breast lift allows women to achieve a more sensuous and attractive body by elevating the sagging breasts giving them a perkier and youthful breast appearance. Women generally appear younger and start feeling more attractive and confident. Thus, the breast lift is an excellent option for any woman whose breasts have begun to sag especially after pregnancy or a remarkable weight loss.

However, a breast lift surgery is way different from a breast reduction because the goal of the latter is to make disproportionately large and heavy breasts smaller and lighter. The ultimate goal of a breast lift surgery is to restore the youthfulness of the breasts and help the candidates to achieve a more flattering position on the chest. In fact, these women may also choose to undergo a breast lift combined with breast augmentation with implants in order to elevate and enlarge their breasts simultaneously.

Benefits of Breast Lift

  • The greatest benefit of undergoing a breast lift surgery is that candidates can achieve a firmer and perkier breast. Candidates can achieve a more defined bust that will provide a comfortable fit to any clothing. Therefore, a breast lift surgery is such a surgical procedure that helps the patients in achieving round and perkier breast.
  • Correct drooping breasts- Drooping breasts can be rectified by undergoing a breast lift surgery. Breast sag may be a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging. The procedure may also involve removing the excess skin and elevating the breast tissues. It can highly improve the shape or symmetry of the breasts.
  • Restore a youthful appearance- A younger looking breast is what every woman wants. By undergoing a breast lift procedure, candidates can achieve a skin that will begin to stretch and lose the volume of the breasts. This can be corrected by a breast lift procedure and will help the candidates to achieve a perkier and youthful appearance. The breast lift surgery also includes repositioning the nipple if necessary so that the breasts do not have a sagging appearance. The procedure may be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation or breast reduction.
  • Increased clothing options- Some woman may not be satisfied with the appearance of their breasts and they may find it really difficult in finding a cloth that fits perfectly. By undergoing a breast lift procedure, the patients are able to achieve a shapelier physique which will open up various options for clothing.
  • Enhance self-esteem- Sagging breasts can also affect the overall self-confidence and undergoing a breast lift can help to improve the self-esteem by creating a contoured, younger looking breasts. Therefore, an improved confidence level can overall affect the quality of life.
  • Improve physical health- Mastopexy or a breast lift surgery is such a cosmetic procedure that helps in enhancing the appearance of the people. Nevertheless, this treatment procedure can progress certain health conditions like chaffing, rashes, skin infections.

Procedural steps

A breast lift procedure can be achieved through a variety of incision patterns and techniques. The appropriate technique is usually determined depending on the breast size and shape, and position of the areolas, the degree of breast sagging and finally the skin quality and elasticity.

At the beginning of the procedure, some medications are administered to provide comfort during the surgical procedure. The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Next, the surgeon creates incisions on and around the breast in the best possible way to achieve the best results. There are three most common incision patterns-

  • Standard lift- In a breast lift surgery, the surgeons usually use a standard anchor-shaped incision. This technique involves creating an incision around the border of the areola and a second incision towards the base of the breast. Another third incision may also be required along the breast crease. However, this procedure may include some permanent scarring. Most of the women with smaller breasts are found eligible for the procedure.
  • Doughnut breast lift- This involves removal of less skin in comparison to that of the anchor incisions. This results in a faster recovery period and a minimal recovery time. To perform this type of breast lift, the surgeon will mostly create some circumferential incisions around the nipple and areola.
  • The lollipop lift- The lollipop breast lift is an intermediate between a standard breast lift and a doughnut mastopexy. The procedure contains, vertical incisions around the nipples and the areola. The smaller incisions run down the breast crease and this typically works well for a moderate lift. This procedure results in less scarring than anchor pattern breast lift.

After making the incisions in desired locations, the surgeon then elevates the breast tissues and reshapes to improve the breast contour and firmness. The nipple and areola may also be repositioned if required thus providing a more youthful and rejuvenating appearance. The enlarged areolas if necessary can also reduce by excising skin at the perimeter of the areola. Finally, the extra skin is removed and then the incisions are sutured up. The incision lines resulting from breast lift usually remains concealed within the natural breast contour. However, it is only a plastic surgeon who will have the best ideas on how to create the smallest possible incision. The results of this surgery are visible almost immediately. Even though the incision lines are permanent but the lines may fade away gradually.

Recovery time

During the breast lift recovery, the dressings or bandages will mostly be applied to the incisions after the completion of the procedure. The surgeon may also instruct the surgeons to wear a support bra to minimize the swelling and support the newly contoured breasts. The recovery time may vary from person to person depending on the individual natural healing process. For the first few days after undergoing the breast lift procedure, the candidates are asked to take plenty of rest and avoid any type of strenuous activities. The bandages are instructed to keep clean and maintain a proper hygiene.

After the first few weeks, the candidates can resume strenuous activities like exercising or gym. Any type of strenuous activities like bending, lifting can strain the chest and complicate the recovery period. Such strenuous activities can be resumed after a month or so after following the procedure. The surgeons usually provide a compression bra, some medications for pain to make sure that the recovery period is not impaired.


A breast lift surgery is also popular as mastopexy which significantly changes the size and shape of the breasts. By undergoing this cosmetic procedure, the candidates are able to achieve a fuller and rounder breast appearance. The procedure is pretty much different from a breast reduction procedure in which the larger breasts are made smaller by eliminating the extra-glandular breast tissues.

Overall the breast lift surgery is considered as one of the safe cosmetic procedure that includes some infrequent complications like an adverse reaction to anesthesia, hematoma or seroma, infection or bleeding, changes in sensation, scarring, damage to the underlying structures, undesirable results, the formation of blood clots, etc. But it is said that on choosing a surgeon very carefully it is very crucial to cherry pick a surgeon who is well trained and experienced. The patients must also follow the post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon and that would help to minimise the risks.

Procedure surgeon in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has always been popular in providing the best cosmetic services. So, people who wish to undergo a breast lift surgery must, first of all, choose the best surgeon. There are numerous cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad, but Inform Clinic probably provides the best services in the clinic. This clinic has an efficient group of cosmetic surgeons who can carry on the surgical procedures safely. The clinic also beholds a group of well-trained nurses, who leave no stone unturned in providing the best services to their patients. Additionally, the clinic also maintains absolute hygiene environment that actually makes the patient’s feeling better. The motto of the inform clinic in Hyderabad is to serve the best to the people to enhance their quality of life.

Preparations before, on the day of the surgery and after undergoing the surgery

After choosing a qualified surgeon, during the consultation period, the surgeon generally provides with a series of pre-op instructions that the patients must necessarily follow. The pre-op instructions may include-

  • Avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol for two weeks prior to the surgery.
  • The patients are instructed to stop taking certain medications for pain, herbal supplements, etc.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory medications must also be avoided.

The surgeon will carry on some lab tests to analyze the physical condition of the patients to verify if they are eligible to undergo the procedure or not.

On the day of the surgery, the patients are instructed to reach the surgeon clinic early. The breast lift procedure is mostly carried on an out-patient basis. So the patients can return home on the same day of undergoing the procedure. However, for cases of any type of complications, the surgeons may keep the patients for the first 24 to 48 hour after following the surgical procedure.

Immediately after undergoing the breast lift procedure, the incisions are covered with bandages. The patients mostly experience some pain, swelling, bruising, redness and discomfort. But the surgeon provides with certain medications to alleviate the persisting uneasiness. The patients are also provided with some antibiotics both before and after undergoing the surgical procedure. Even though the recovery time may vary from person to person, still most of the patients are able to return to normal activities within two to three weeks after following a surgical procedure. However, the patients are normally instructed not to resume vigorous activities until they have recovered completely.

Procedure FAQ

What is the perfect age for undergoing a breast lift procedure?

There is actually no upper age limit for undergoing the breast lift surgery. Candidates who are in an overall good health with no major health complications are found ideal to undergo the procedure. Usually, patients after pregnancy, breastfeeding and remarkable weight gain mostly choose to undergo this procedure. The optimal results are mostly estimated by the amount of skin elasticity in the breasts. Normally, women who have finished growing up and have matured breast tissues is considered as the perfect age of the candidates to undergo the surgical procedure.

What is the cost of Breast lift surgery?

It is difficult to assess the cost of the breast lift procedure since it depends on various factors like the severity of the sagging breasts, the experience, and reputation of the surgeon, the geographic location of the clinic, anesthesia fees, additional charges, etc.

What is expected immediately after undergoing the breast lift procedure?

Immediately after undergoing the surgical procedure, the breast tissues are removed and the areola may be repositioned to a higher position upon the breasts. Often the surgeons may also use breast implant to enhance the shape and size of the breasts. The patients mostly experience some amount of pain and discomfort immediately after undergoing the procedure. However, the medications, post-op instructions and the compression bra that is provided by the surgeon helps to alleviate such conditions.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure usually takes one to three hours to complete the procedure though it depends on the severity of breast sag.

What are the risks and side effects of undergoing the procedure?

Some of the risks and side effects associated with breast lift include infection, allergic reaction to anesthesia, scarring, numbness, breast asymmetry, etc.

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