Breast augmentation via Fat transfer

Breast Augmentation

There are few women who choose to make their breasts bigger and fuller by going under a knife and enduring a cosmetic surgery. Increasing the size of the breasts can be possible through reconstructive purposes such severe cases or other cosmetic reasons. A Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that includes increasing the size of the breast and enhancing the shape of the breast typically by using silicone or saline implants or through autologous fat transfer. The ultimate goal of a breast augmentation surgery is to aesthetically enhance the appearance of the breasts and breast profile. The exact procedure is tailored to meet individual preferences.

Therefore, any women who wishes to enhance the shape and size of their breasts may choose to undergo such a cosmetic reconstructive procedure. Breast Augmentation is however considered as one of the most effective procedures that can correct tuberous breast asymmetry and deflated breasts by using breast implants. The other most common reasons to undergo a breast augmentation are-

  • Restoring the breast fullness that may have been lost during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • An improved appearance can be achieved that may also increase the self-confidence and esteem
  • The candidates undergoing mostly achieves a proportioned appearance

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

  • The main advantage of undergoing a breast augmentation surgery is achieving a fuller, firmer and shapelier breasts. This change in appearance often increases the self-confidence and esteem. Additionally, women may also achieve a better fit to clothing that makes them appear really attractive.
  • Women with underdeveloped breasts ideally undergo a breast augmentation surgery by choosing a perfect implant size that gives a proportionate appearance. Breast symmetry can mostly be addressed so that women are not conscious about their appearance.
  • Women after breastfeeding, aging or remarkable weight loss usually find their breasts to sag and look deflated. Most of the augmentation can restore the breasts and make them appear fuller, and perkier .
  • Finally, women after undergoing a breast augmentation procedure mostly accomplish the best results which gives them a youthful and rejuvenating appearance.

Procedural steps

The breast augmentation surgery options include augmenting by using breast implants and by using the autologous fat transfer.

Breast augmentation by using breast implant-

The breast augmentation by using fat transfer includes administering intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The incisions are made in the most inconspicuous area to minimize the visibility of scarring. The cosmetic surgeon will discuss the location and type of the incisions that can bring the desired outcome.

The incision options include:                                                             

  • Inframammary- This involves making short incisions that are made in the creases under the breast fold and is popular as an inframammary fold. This gives rise to thin scars which can be easily hidden within the natural breast contour.
  • Peri-areolar- In this the incisions are made around the outer edge of the areola thus concealing the incisions within the natural breast contour.
  • Trans-axillary- Here the incisions are small that too within the armpit and leaves behind small scars within the armpit.
  • Trans-umbilical- This technique involves making incisions above the belly button area. The best part of this is that it includes a single scar with no scarring on the breast.

However, most of these incisions depend on the shape and size of the implants used and the degree of enlargement desired.

The breast implant options include:

  • Types of breast implant- There are large varieties of breast implants that are available like saline, silicone gel, gummy bear implants, etc. It is only a cosmetic surgeon who can fetch the best implant option for their patients.
  • The shape of the breast implants- Saline and silicone gel implants are mostly round in shape whereas the gummy bear implants are tear shaped. Choosing the right implant shape is very important as that can help to achieve a natural appearance.
  • Size of the implants- The breast implants ranges from 150cc to 180cc or larger. However, most of the patients require different sized breast implants for each breast which helps to achieve the best symmetry.

The implants are generally implanted either under the pectoral muscles or directly behind the breast tissues. Finally, at the end of the procedure, the incision is sutured up. These lines are permanent but for some people, the lines may also fade away with time. The quality of the scar generally depends on varying factors like genetics, exposure of the body to nicotine and infection, etc.

Breast augmentation by autologous fat transfer-

This process can be combined with breast augmentation by using implants or may also be combined all alone. In this procedure, the surgeon involves removing fat through liposuction from various parts of the body where there are abundant fat cells such as thighs, abdomen, hips, etc. After processing the fat properly and refining it, the fat cells are injected into the breasts until the desired degree of fullness is achieved. This breast augmentation procedure cannot increase more than a single cup size. The surgeon may also combine with breast augmentation through implants if there is any sagging or drooping breast appearance.


The Breast Augmentation procedure is generally performed on an out-patient basis so patients return back home after undergoing the procedure. The breasts are mostly wrapped in a gauze and covered with a dressing and an elastic bandage is used to support the breasts while in the recovery period. Immediately after undergoing the surgery, the patients are taken to a recovery room for close monitoring. The patients will feel some pain and discomfort within the first 48 hours after following the surgery. The surgeon instructs the patients to walk around for few hours after undergoing the surgery. The patients can resume normal activities within next two to four days, but there are some restrictions to limit strenuous exercises after two to four weeks of undergoing the procedure.

The surgeon provides with some post-op instructions that the patients must follow to reduce the chances of complications. The surgeon will also provide a supportive surgical bra or sports bra which must be worn for a certain period of time to speed up the recovery period. The incision sites must be cleansed. The surgeon will also encourage to schedule the routine mammogram after a certain time gap to verify the condition of the implants.

Under normal circumstances, the results of the breast augmentation surgery are usually long-lasting. The results may vary due to childbirth, aging, weight gain, hormonal factors, gravity, etc. However, the patients must also lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain the accomplished result.


Well, there is no such cosmetic procedure that has no risks or no complications associated with it. A breast augmentation is generally a safe and popular procedure but requires a long recovery period. The potential complications include anesthesia risks, bleeding, infection, changes in nipple sensation, poor scarring, wound healing, leakage or rupture of the implants, accumulation of the fluids, persisting pain etc. However, most of the risks and other chances of complications are discussed with the patient.

There is always a chance for the breast implants to rupture after few years of use. So the surgeons usually instruct their patients to undergo test procedures to verify the condition of the breast implants. The breast implants may also give rise to ripples, malposition, sagging or scar tissues which can be avoided by choosing a best and experienced surgeon.

Additionally, the breast augmentation is such a surgical procedure that includes a long recovery period. So patients will have to refrain from strenuous activities for few weeks. This surgical procedure will also include some scars that are mostly concealed within the natural breast contour.

The surgeons instruct their patients to undergo several revision surgeries to verify the condition of the implants. The implants must be replaced after every ten years to prevent the leakage or rupture .

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Preparation before, on the day and after undergoing the surgery

After choosing a qualified surgeon, the surgeon provides a pre-op instruction that includes avoiding medicines like anti-inflammatory medicines, herbal supplements, and other blood-thinning medicines. The surgeon will also instruct their patients to undergo various lab tests to verify the condition of the patients. The patients must also stop smoking at least six weeks before and after undergoing the surgery because the nicotine content in it slows down the recovery period. For patients who wish to undergo a breast augmentation surgery using autologous fat transfer are instructed to wear a special garment that helps in expanding the skin and tissue around the breasts to prepare the area for injection of the fat cells.

On the day of undergoing the procedure, the candidates are instructed to reach hospital as early as possible. The surgeons administer medications to ensure that the candidates do not experience any major pain or discomfort. Some safety measure is followed while performing the procedure to monitor the heart and blood pressure, pulse and the amount of oxygen circulation in the blood.

Immediately after following the surgical procedure the incisions are covered with some dressings. The patients mostly experience some major pain and bruising for the first few days after undergoing the procedure. The surgeon provides with some post-op instructions, medications and post-op garments that help in reducing the swelling and bruising. The post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon that the patients must follow minutely to speed up the recovery period. After the completion of the procedure, the patients are able to resume normal activities within few days.

Procedure FAQs

Who is a candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Patients who are above 18 years and are in a good health can undergo a breast augmentation procedure. Other than this, the candidates must have a realistic expectation from the surgery and a strong desire to enhance the shape and size of the breasts.

Who is not a candidate for undergoing the procedure?

Women who have completed two to three months of pregnancy or breastfeeding or women with poor physical and mental health, those with unrealistic expectations, who are addicted to smoking are not considered ideal for undergoing a breast augmentation procedure.

Should the candidates be at their ideal weight before undergoing the breast augmentation procedure?

It is very important for the candidates to be within a stable weight this is because for cases of significant weight after undergoing a breast augmentation procedure may result in drooping or sagging of the breasts, thus revering the accomplished breast appearance.

How pregnancy and breastfeeding affect the result achieved after breast augmentation?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding highly reverses the accomplished result in breast augmentation for some women. Especially, surgeons do not recommend to continue breastfeeding after undergoing a breast augmentation using implants due to a risk of contaminated milk. Very often the milk ducts are damaged that impairs the production of the milk. So anyone who is undergoing a breast augmentation procedure before pregnancy or breastfeeding must discuss everything about it with the surgeon to avoid the complications.

Will breast implants give rise to stretch marks?

For women with not good skin elasticity may somehow experience the rise of stretch marks in the breasts after the insertion of breast implants. However, the problem is not so common ad it partly depends on the shape and size of the implants.

How long will it take the implants to soften and settle down?

This depends on the characteristics of the breasts and the implant used. In most of the cases, it is seen that major swelling and bruising resolves within the first 6-8 weeks and by this time the implants settle down. But for women with soft and loose skin or patients with small and tight skin, they may take three to six months for the tissues to settle one and bring a natural appearance. There are patients whose implants settle down within 9-12 months after undergoing the procedure.

What kind of bra must be used after undergoing a breast augmentation procedure?

Generally, a soft and comfortable bra is mostly recommended to the patients after following the surgical procedure. In many cases, it is seen that the patients find their implants starts sagging due to lack of support during the recovery period. To avoid this condition, the patients are recommended to wear a compression to provide support to the newly augmented breasts. After the recovery period, when the implants have settled down completely, the patients can continue any supportive bra that can hold the bases of the implants and help to maintain the result.

What is the cost of the Breast Augmentation procedure?

The cost of breast augmentation procedure is variable. It largely depends on various factors like the type of implant used, the combination of procedures undergone, the experience and reputation of the surgeon, the location of the clinic, the liposuction technique undergone, etc. So the final cost of breast augmentation is determined by the surgeon after the consultation period. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, so the cost of breast augmentation procedure is not covered by any insurance.

Will large implants result in breasts to sag in future?

Sagging breast is a result of gravitational pull. So yes larger implants will obviously result in sagging of the breasts in the long run. However, immediately after undergoing the procedure, the patients achieve a most rejuvenating and youthful appearance. Aging and gravity may revert the result but undergo a breast lift surgery can again rectify the surgical procedure.

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