Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry

For maximum women, breasts are sisters and not like twins. This actually indicates that Breast asymmetry is a usual condition that happens amongst women. Breast Asymmetry can be as described as uneven breasts, which may include, differences in shape and size of the nipples, areolas or the combination of these two. Breast asymmetry is an extremely common condition observed among most women and it is obviously not responsible for causing any serious medical issues but is enough to make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

But for some women the asymmetries are not minor and dealing with it becomes really difficult with respect to finding a perfect sized bra. So if this asymmetrical breast is being highlighted or is affecting your life then considering several cosmetic procedures to correct it is probably the best option. Breast asymmetry correction procedure may include producers like Breast lift, Breast reduction and breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer.

Symptoms of Breast Asymmetry

There are various breast asymmetries, such as:

  • Breast hypertrophy and breast hypoplasia- breasts with different sizes.
  • Asymmetric breast hypoplasia- both breasts are small or uneven breasts.
  • Unilateral or asymmetric breast ptosis- sagging breasts, where one breast sags more than the other.
  • Breast positional asymmetry- position of the breasts are not same.
  • Areolar asymmetry- differences in nipple-areolar shape size and severity of protuberant.
  • Tuberous breast deformity- the asymmetrical and unusual shape of breasts.

So most of the women may have a combination of all these conditions or just a few. To correct these asymmetries various surgical approaches may be required to address individual issues.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for the Breast Asymmetry Correction Procedure?

  • For women whose variance between both the breasts are not minor and are highlighted.
  • No proper fit to bras and tight fitting clothes, highlighting your asymmetrical breasts.
  • The patient must be in a good health with no serious medical complication.
  • Keeping realistic expectation from the procedure.

Corrective Options

Breast Augmentation with implants and fat transfer

  1. Breast lift- This one is an effective treatment for correcting breast sag due to sudden weight loss or post-pregnancy. But breast lift can also be highly effective for treating specific ptosis related asymmetry.
  2. Breast reduction- Breast asymmetry with large breasts can be corrected with breast reduction. But breast reduction is not just done to achieve the best results, often breast sizes are adjusted, balanced with the breast position and adjustments are made to the shape and position.
  3. Nipple repositioning- Often the nipple position and the areolar positions are altered to defeat the breast asymmetry related issues.
  4. Tuberous breast correction- The procedure consists of improving the overall breast by balancing and improving the breast size and shape. Tuberous breast deformity is common in most asymmetrical breasts and various improved techniques are articulated to achieve the desired goal.
  5. Breast Augmentation- Breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer may also be able to correct the scrupulous breast asymmetries by achieving a more voluminous and natural appearing breast.

Risks and Recovery Involved in These Procedures

The risks and complications mostly depend on the type of procedure that you have undergone to correct your uneven breasts. The most common side effects may include scarring, loss of nipple sensitivity, inability to breastfeed permanently, infection, etc. However, some of the complications can be overcome by following the instructions provided by your surgeon or maybe a revised surgery.

The recovery time highly depends on the individual candidate and the undergone procedure. For breast lift or breast augmentation, the recovery time may last up to six weeks or even less for some. Following the aftercare, the schedule is very important to speed up the recovery. Normal activities may be resumed after few weeks but vigorous exercise or strenuous works are advised to start with your surgeon’s recommendations.


The results are the most important part of any procedure but for most cosmetic procedures, results are not similar. But these procedures gives permanent results if maintained.

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