Arms and Thighs Lift

Shape Your Arms and Thighs

Arm and thigh reduction helps to improve the contour and appearance of the upper part of the arms and the inner part of the thighs. arm and thigh reduction surgery basically includes the removal of the extra sagging skin and fat. In most of the cases, results are achieved with liposuction but in some cases, surgeries may also be required, where extra skin and fat is removed via removing the flab.

The shaping of arms and thighs is chosen by most of the people after undergoing a remarkable weight loss. Usually, after a rapid weight loss, skin loses its firmness and elasticity which makes the skin appear sagged. As the sagged skin cannot go back to its original position, people struggle with this condition and choose to undergo this procedure.

What Can Arm and Thigh Lift Surgery Do?

  • Reduces the excess sagging of skin from the arms and thighs
  • The localized fat pockets in the upper part of the arms and thighs can be eliminated
  • The underlying supportive tissues of the upper arm and thigh are also tightened that is what responsible for maintaining the shape

Remember arm and thigh lift surgery is not a weight loss surgery. This can only remove localized fat pockets via liposuction and extra loose skin and tissues through surgery.

Who is the Perfect Candidate for the Procedure?

  1. Any adult who is suffering from skin laxity in the upper arm and inner thigh area.
  2. The candidate must have a stable weight should not be overweight.
  3. The interested candidates must be in an overall good health to avoid the risk of complications during surgery.
  4. They must be a non-smoker to speed up the recovery.
  5. One must keep realistic expectations from the procedure.

The Arm and Thigh Surgery Procedure

The arm or thigh surgery can be performed by any proficient surgeon, including cutting of the inner and under the arms ranging from elbow to armpit. Usually, patients need to spend 1-2 nights in the hospital for undergoing this surgery. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia to ensure a painless procedure of the patient. Depending on the extent of skin sag and experience of your surgeon the procedure may take two to four hours to complete.

In this reduction procedure, the excess skin and tissues are removed and if some fats are present, they are also removed with liposuction.

For upper arm lift, the incisions are made from the armpit up to the elbow and for a thigh lift, the incision is made from the groin up to the inner side of the thigh to remove the excess skin and tissues.

Post-surgery Condition

For the first ten to fourteen days, after the arm and thigh lift, the areas remain swollen and patients may experience pain. Patients are provided with a compression garment to provide support to the skin and that must be worn for about six weeks. This improves the swelling and also speeds up the recovery. The incisions may take few days to heal. Going back to normal activities may take 2-3 weeks and vigorous activities must be strictly avoided for minimum six weeks or as your surgeon suggests.

Side Effects and Complications

The side effects and complication are similar to any other cosmetic surgery that includes swelling, numbness, and  scars. But, none of these are permanent and these will go away in time. Infection and bleeding on the incision sites are rare. To encourage the recovery it is imperative to follow the surgeon’s instructions.

Results of Arm and Thigh Lift Procedure

The final results will be visible after the swelling and bruising subside which may take few weeks. But, note that the results vary from person to person. The arm and thigh lift will help you contour your arms and thighs and that will make you feel confident as you will look good and be able to wear clothes of your choice.

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