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Get Best Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad with a Friendly and Confidential service


Hair Transplant

Get back to the youthful appearance by getting hair transplant in Hyderabad.




Gynecomastia in Hyderabad helps you to say a confident hello to new confident you and wave Say goodbye to the awkwardness


Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Willing to have that perfect shape of the worn-out tummy get the same in tummy tuck surgery in Hyderabad

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Breast lift

Breast Surgery

The right breast shape matters. reach out to get the slender shape by undergoing  breast surgery in Hyderabad

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In an attempt to get your shape altered liposuction in Hyderabad comes to your rescue

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Face Procedures

 Get your facial expression right with the help of face surgery in Hyderabad

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Meet Our Doctors


At Inform Clinics, Our friendly team of best cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad and expert nurses are committed to quality and safety in every aspect of the customized treatment program we provide to our patients.Our competitive cosmetic surgery prices and unmatched packages offer a great range of treatments for any part of the body.


Dr. Dushyanth

M.S, M.CH - Chief Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Highly respected, ethical and experienced Plastic Surgeon From breast augmentation to Rhinoplasty Dr. Dushyanth, a graduate of the prestigious Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences applies his artistry to bring about the change that you are looking for. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dushyanth specializes in reconstruction of complex trauma. He is especially well-known for pioneering in safe liposuction. Called 'Band-aid Lipo' or Dr. Dushyanth Signature Safe Liposuction.



Dr. Keerthana

M.D Dermatology - Chief Aesthetic Dermatologist

A patient-friendly Doctor and Expert in restoring youth.

Dr. Keerthana, a specialist in dermatology and medical aesthetics, is an expert in the systemic management of cosmetic issues and is a strong advocate of lifestyle management for skin care.


Patients Testimonials




My gynecomastia was very bad and I found this doctor. He is very friendly and he completely explains the surgery to me. He did the surgery very well. I'm looking very good than before.

Sampath Sidhu

Hair Treatment

Excellent hair treatment by Dr keerthana andru garu and very good and innovative technology plastic surgeon dr Dushyant garu I really had good treatment for hair and scare treatment

Shwetha Reddy Katepally

Rhinoplasty surgery

Am very satisfied with my Rhinoplasty surgery Dr. Dhushyanth is friendly and he' s having lot of patience and I'll recommend to everyone to visit this clinic and staff is very friendly

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