Eyebrows Lift

Shaping up of the eyebrows can normally be performed through threading, waxing, tattooing, etc. But none of these techniques are permanent. So if you intend to permanently change the shape of the eyebrows you undergo eyebrow lift procedure.

Remove Your Eye Bags

No one likes eye bags under the eyes as they make us look tired and old. Nothing can make the condition better nor diet nor sleep. Eye bags can appear for several factors

Chin Augmentation

Mentoplasty is referred to as chin surgery that encompasses the changing shape of the chin either by shaping up a bone or moving a bone forward. Surgeons may also prefer the use of a chin implant that can rebuild a poorly shaped chin.

Otoplasty (Ear Correction)

Shaping up ears with ear surgery can improve the shape, position, and proportion of the ear. The procedure is also popular as Otoplasty which is able to rectify any defect in the structure of the ear that may be a birth defect or have become prominent with age.