Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Most of the women are not happy or satisfied with the unwanted hair in various parts of the body. Often shaving, tweezing or waxing may not be enough in removing the unwanted hair from the body. So such people may choose to undergo a laser hair removal procedure which is one of the most common cosmetic procedure currently in use. The laser hair removal uses a beam of highly concentrated light into the hair follicles to stop the growth of the hair. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light that impairs the growth of the hair.

This medical treatment allows the laser beam to pass through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat basically damages the hair follicles and that inhibits the future growth of the hairs. However, the laser hair removal is found to be the most effective hair removal procedure, especially for those light skin people. It is very important for the people undergoing a laser hair removal to keep a realistic expectation from the procedure because the procedure can effectively slow down the rate of hair growth but definitely does not guarantee permanent hair removal. Additionally, one treatment session may not be enough to fetch the desired results, it requires periodic maintenance.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser hair removal is a safe hair removing procedure that does not involve any invasive action. However, it may sometimes include some minor side effects like skin burn or discoloration of the skin if mishandled. Any certified and experienced surgeon would execute the entire procedure with special glasses on to protect the eyes from the strong laser emission.
  • Laser hair removal procedure is a highly effective procedure that provides maximum cases of satisfactory results. Nearly 80-90 percent of the good candidates experience the best results after undergoing 4-6 treatment sessions.
  • The best part of the laser hair removal procedure is that it is not at all a painful procedure. However, some patients have reported to experience some minor discomfort which can be easily alleviated by using some anesthetic cream to numb the area of treatment.
  • The speed of the laser treatment is actually impressive. The length of the treatment depends on the size of the area being treated. Each laser pulse can treat 9x9mm in each shot.
  • The laser hair removal does not guarantee permanent removal of hair but it definitely makes the hair thinner and lighter in texture.
  • This treatment can also work effectively even on the largest portions of legs, back, chest, etc. It can even work well on the face, bikini, breast and other sensitive parts of the body.

Surgical Procedure

Before beginning with a laser hair removal procedure the eyes are protected with shields to prevent any injury to the eyes. The hair in the area of treatment are usually trimmed to few millimeters above the surface of the skin. To protect the outer layer of the skin from the heat emitted by the laser, a special cold gel or a special cooling device is used to facilitate the laser light penetration through the skin.

The laser used for the hair removal uses a low energy laser beam that is adjusted to the skin color, the thickness of the skin, location of the hair, etc. Surgeons may also choose to perform a test treatment which is first performed in a smaller area. A low-energy laser beam passes through the skin and gets absorbed by the pigment which inhibits the active growth of the hair follicles. This area of treatment is then observed to make sure that there is hardly any adverse reaction to the treatment.

If the dermatologists find no adverse reaction and the test proves a success, then similar low-energy laser beam is used to treat the areas required. The energy emitted by the laser permanently disables the active growth of the follicles without affecting the hair follicles that are in dormant phase.

At the end of the entire procedure, the area of treatment is soothed with ice packs and cold water. Some anti-inflammatory creams and lotions are used to mollify the treated area to alleviate any chances of discomfort in the area of treatment.

However, patients may require undergoing multiple sessions to achieve the optimal results. Usually, three to eight sessions are needed to accomplish the best-desired results. The surgeons, however, recommend the interval of the treatment sessions for four to eight weeks depending on the gender, age, type of hair, growth pattern, etc.

There are a number of devices that are used for laser hair removal. It is said that most successful one uses lowest energy laser beam which inhibits the active growth of the hair follicles. There are few variables which affect the laser hair removal like skin and hair color, the thickness of the skin, the area of the treated body area, type of device used, wavelength, the temperature of the skin and cooling, treatment timing, etc. Additionally, the surgeon may also choose to use a combination of procedures depending on the skin and hair type.


In most of the cases, the patients are able to return back to work and other immediately after following the treatment procedure. The surgeon or dermatologist may, however, provide a set of post-op instructions to the patients that basically includes skin care. It is very important for the candidates to follow the post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon to continue a rapid and safe recovery.

Immediately after following the treatment procedure, the patients will have a smoother skin with reduced number of hair on their body. Some patients may, however, experience some redness or minor skin irritation after the treatment procedure. But in most of the cases, the condition is self-resolving. For cases of any complications, consulting with the surgeon is mandatory. Most of the surgeons instruct their patients to recommend a follow-up treatment session at an interval of approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

The laser hair removal provides permanent results but the patients need to undergo three to five sessions to impair the active growth of the hair follicles. However, to accomplish the best-desired results, it is very important to choose a surgeon very carefully, because laser, if mishandled, can create adverse results.


  • The best results cannot be achieved by undergoing a single laser hair removal procedure. Generally, four to six treatment sessions are required to attain the desired result.
  • The laser hair reduction is not preferred for those persons those who have skin tan or darker skin tone. People with a light skin tone mostly benefit from this laser procedure.
  • People with red, blonde or grey hair do not benefit from this laser treatment procedure. It is only people with black hair that get the best result.
  • The energy emitted from the laser may cause skin injury like skin burn, discoloration of the skin. In worst cases, it may also cause injury to the eyes if not protected with a shield.
  • Last but not the least, the laser hair removal procedure is quite an expensive procedure which many people may not be able to afford. Since it is a cosmetic procedure no insurance covers the expenses.

Procedure Surgeon in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a hi-tech city with a large number of hospitals and clinics. There are numerous cosmetic surgeons and dermatologist in Hyderabad who claims in providing the best services. So people are often found baffled when choosing the best surgeon to undergo a laser hair removal procedure. More importantly, there are also many beauty and spa centers which claim in providing laser hair removal. But it is desired to choose a clinic that can be trustworthy and can execute the procedure safely and successfully.

So inform Clinic in Hyderabad is one such center that provides the top notch services. The clinic consists group of highly experienced and trained surgeons who specialize in some cosmetic procedures including laser hair removal. Laser procedures must always be undergone by experienced and well-trained surgeons because laser if mishandled, can give rise to adverse situations. The Inform Clinic provides the best services that too within affordable prices maintaining all the precautionary measures.

Preparation Before, at the Day and After Undergoing the Procedure

Before beginning with the laser hair removal procedure, the candidates discuss their goals and aims with the surgeon. The surgeon explains all the post and pre-op instructions, the risks, pros and cons that are related to the laser hair removal procedure. The pre-op instructions include putting sunscreen to avoid skin burn, any type of bleaching cream must also be avoided before undergoing the treatment. Additionally, the candidates are also restricted to wax, shave or pluck the hairs to be treated for at least few weeks before undergoing the procedure. Last but the most important aspect, smokers are instructed to stop smoking to promote a better healing. Candidates are also instructed to restrict taking certain anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal medications, which can increase the bleeding.

On the day of undergoing the laser air removal procedure, a topical anesthetic cream or lotion is used in the area of treatment which facilitates the skin cooling during the procedure. In most of the cases, the candidates experience minimal pain during the laser treatment on the skin. Most of the procedures do not take more than fifteen to thirty minutes to complete the procedure even though the time taken for the completion of the procedure depends on the extent of the area of treatment.

After the completion of the laser treatment, most of the candidates are able to return home and resume normal activities. Proper skin care routine must be maintained by the candidates to encourage a safe recovery. The candidates experience a smoother skin with a reduced number of hairs. Sun exposure must be avoided strictly since the treated skin may become sensitive.

Procedure FAQs

How does laser remove hair? Is it really effective?

Hair removal through laser utilises a light of a specific wavelength that is absorbed by the pigment of the hair follicles. This laser beam damages the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. The light energy here is converted into heat energy which in turn impairs the hair follicles so that they do not grow back. Laser hair removal is absolutely the most effective procedure, but one treatment session may not be enough to accomplish the desired result.

 What is the cost of laser hair removal procedure?

The cost of laser hair removal basically depends on varying factors like the extent of the area of treatment, quality of the skin and hair, hair thickness, type of laser technique used. There are also other factors that drive the cost of the treatment such as experience and reputation of the surgeon, geographic location of the clinic, other additional charges, etc. It may be an expensive procedure and the cost is not covered by any insurance.

What is the age limit of undergoing a laser hair removal procedure?

Actually, there is no upper age limit for undergoing this procedure. Adults with a good health and skin condition who keeps a realistic expectation from the procedure can undergo a laser hair removal. People with grey hair must avoid undergoing this procedure since they may not be able to achieve satisfactory results.

Is the procedure painful?

People who have undergone a laser hair removal procedure mainly experience no pain at all, especially if compared with waxing. However, everyone’s pain tolerance is different so some patients may feel discomfort during the procedure.

How long does each treatment session take?

Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second to treat a large area in most of the areas at a time. Small areas like upper lip can be treated in less than a minute and large areas may take an hour or so.

What the patients experience after undergoing the laser hair removal procedure?

It is a safe procedure if performed by an experienced surgeon. Some people may still experience issues like itching, redness, swelling, tingling, etc.

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